The Poli Console Bath Series Is a Modern Take on a Classic Style

Freestanding pedestal sinks and consoles aren’t nearly as popular as their vanity counterparts these days, but once upon a time it was a different story. The new Poli series by Hastings Bath Collection exudes a modern elegance derived from freestanding sinks popular in the mid-century – particularly those with lustrous chrome legs. Poli offers two models, Poli 58 and Poli 30, with one featuring a shelf below the basin for additional space.

“Poli brings a slim, stylish profile, making it a statement piece that adds modern flair to any space,” said Bob Gifford, Director of Business Development at Hastings Bath Collection. “Each model offers optional accessories, including a swivel towel rail, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and adjustable magnifying mirror, allowing you to customize and add a unique look to your space.”

side-by-side faux marble cylindrical sink consoles in a styled bath

Poli 58

Both sleek and cylindrical in design, Poli 58’s stainless steel metal frame can accommodate any modern bath space, from private to commercial. (A row of them would make quite the statement lined up against a public restroom wall, don’t you think?) The basin is available in your choice of 13 colors that include neutrals, pastels, saturated hues, and even a marble-like look, while the frame comes in five metallic finishes.

dark green cylindrical sink console and matching bath tub in a styled bath

Poli 30

The only visible difference between the two models is Poli 30’s lower shelf and truncated design. Extra bath storage is appreciated in most spaces, especially those on the smaller side, which would be a great fit for this console. Poli 30 features a tone-on-tone lower shelf that’s built into the stainless steel frame, and is available in the same color palette as Poli 58.

cylindrical black sink with attached towel holder

Poli 58

detail of af aux marble cylindrical sink console

Poli 58

Available accessories allow for even further customization – a swivel towel rail, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and adjustable magnifying mirror are possibilities that would only add to the overall Poli experience. Mix and match with the selection of colors and finishes to create your own one-of-a-kind compositions.

black faux marble cylindrical sink console with a mirror, lamp, and table

Poli 30

detail of black faux marble cylindrical sink console

Poli 30

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