Wunderkammer Roma Artificialia in Rome, Italy


Wunderkammer Roma Artificialia is a discreet museum hidden inside a public home. Once you enter the unsuspecting building, the decor becomes anything but ordinary. In 2019, renowned Italian composer and musician Marco Lo Muscio created this Wunderkammer, also known as a “room of wonder” or a “cabinet of curiosities.”

The museum is full of works of art from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The room drips with medieval, Gothic, and Flemish flair. Paintings, drawings, prints, and statues featuring knights, dragons, eagles, griffins, and lions line the room. Visitors can find anything from antique furniture and rare books to unique chess boards and nautilus shells.

The collection embraces the concept of horror vacui, literally meaning “fear of empty spaces.” While many Wunderkammers are locked behind closed doors, this museum offers tours and live organ and piano concerts.

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