Weenie Beenie in Arlington, Virginia

The trailer-style eatery known for its half-smokes, hot dogs, and pork sandwiches that sits in the Shirlington neighborhood in Arlington, was the first of a chain of six restaurants that flourished under the Weenie Beenie name.

This original location is also the last one still in operation. It was opened by Carl and Bill Staton in 1950. Bill, whose nickname was “Weenie Beenie,” was a pool shark. Staton performed trick shots in several movies, including The Color Of Money. He was known to be able to sink all of the balls on a pool table with a single shot. With Bill’s winnings from the pool tables, he and his brother Carl were able to open six restaurants.

The restaurant received a tip of the cap from local musician Dave Grohl, who recorded a song titled “Weenie Beenie” on the Foo Fighters’ first album.

The restaurant now serves up a heaping helping of religion, with signs detailing the Ten Commandments just underneath the counter. It also serves up some pretty mean half-smokes that give their D.C. competitors some healthy competition.

One of the last old-school walkup lunch counters in the area, the Weenie Beenie is definitely worth a try.

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