Unlocking sustainable beauty: Insights from the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Unlocking sustainable beauty Insights from the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Last week, CosmeticsDesign attended the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit and served as a moderator for the conference’s session on Marketing Developments in the sustainable cosmetics and personal care product sectors. The session featured speakers across the beauty industry, including Lush Cosmetics, BBB National Programs National Advertising Division, and Element Beauty Group. It concluded with a panel discussion covering marketing communications focusing on green messaging.

Here are our key takeaways from the session.

Articulating complex concepts in simple terms

One of the most common issues plaguing cosmetics and personal care product brands is the difficulty in communicating complex concepts to consumers in an easily accessible format. For example, in his presentation on Captured Carbon Packaging for Cosmetics, Peter Zhou, Product Development Lead at Carbon Upcycling Technologies, broke down the processes behind the company’s innovative carbon capture technology and explained how the technology is currently being used in cosmetics and personal care product packaging development.

His co-speaker, Nick Gardner, Co-Founder of Element Beauty Group, then detailed the difficulties in supporting consumers in understanding these processes and their application in cosmetic and personal care products and how brands can better educate consumers in these processes to impact consumer purchasing decisions.

In the session’s closing panel discussion, it was noted that a visual strategy is one of the best practices for addressing this marketing communication issue. Breaking down complex concepts into videos, photos, infographics, and other forms of visual media can not only help simplify the information but also make it easier to disseminate it on social media and company websites.

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