This Teacher Swears This Canva Feature Has Saved Her Hours of Prep Time

I am obsessed with efficiency and quickly discovered this drive only intensified as a teacher. So when someone utters the phrase “This is a teacher tip that I think every teacher should know about” like TikToker @mrs_ivins did, my ears perk up. A tip to help increase my efficiency, shave hours off prep time, and make my daily tasks go even faster? Say no more!

Let’s take a look at @mrs_ivins’s TikTok:

The Canva templates are super easy to edit and customize to your liking. My students always used to complain about my homemade notes and lesson plans, and I know I would have really taken advantage of these templates back in the day!

See what I mean? Efficiency overload! And don’t we all love to shave hours off prep time?

What others are saying:

The commenters on this time-saving hack are here for it!

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Enjoy, its_harper133!

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@mrs_ivins ensures Canva is ready to spoil teachers with the premium feature.

image 33

We are always learning as teachers! These free curriculum templates might not entirely match your previous curriculum, but they could introduce you to something new that you might like!

image 34

Yes! I really hope those of you reading this post will learn something new about this time-saving hack.

By leveraging these templates, teachers can not only save precious hours but also improve the quality and engagement of their lesson plans. This time-saving hack promises to shorten classroom preparation time, offering teachers a chance to focus more on teaching and less on tedious tasks.

For educators looking to streamline their workflow and enrich their teaching tools, @mrs_ivins‘ Canva tip is a must! I mean, do we really need to waste precious time hand-creating our lesson plan templates and notes?!

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