This Teacher Is Gaslighting His Students By Using Made-Up Slang

Any parent with a tween or teen knows that it can be pretty alienating, confusing, and annoying to deal with kids’ slang, especially when we only sometimes understand what it means. Well, one teacher had a really great idea about what to do with how kids make us feel about slang: revenge!

Sam Salem, a comedian in Los Angeles, spends his days in the classroom teaching the youth. But after being frustrated with how slang was being used toward him, he hatched a brilliant plan: making up his own slang words and using them with his students as if they totally exist already — and as if his students are the ones below the curve.

“My new favorite thing to do is make up Gen Z-sounding slang words and then gaslighting my students into thinking they’re real,” he opens his first video, which has gotten over 12 million likes on TikTok.

Then he launches into his best ideas for new slang words:

“Clipped” — which means good, like a highlight clip of a sports game.

“Mute” — which is bad, like putting something negative on mute.

“Feta” — this is not great, it’s like when a good thing crumbles like feta cheese.

Down in the comments, adults thought that this idea was totally clipped — although a few people were afraid that the words would, like, actually catch on.

“You ARE the trendsetter now,” one person said.

“You’re ironically creating new slang,” another person offered.

Everyone was so pleased with Sam’s fake teen slang that he’s made three more videos adding new words to everyone’s vocabularies.

In his second video, he introduces some really great ones:

“Parked” — like an unmoving parked car, something that’s boring and not going anywhere.

“Pebbles” — a mountain or a boulder is a huge barrier, but pebbles are nothing! When something is “pebbles,” it’s easy to overcome.

“Terk” — taken from the Disney Tarzan character, a Terk is your ride-or-die (no, the kids don’t say that anymore).

Salem is dropping new slang words regularly on TikTok and on Instagram, so he’s definitely worth a follow for more laughs. Understanding your kids might not get easier, but confusing them in return is going to be pebbles!

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