The Top Searched Baby Names By State In 2024, So Far

When parents-to-be start thinking of what they want to name their baby, perhaps they’re drawn to family names, names from their favorite books or TV show, or — dare we suggest — ABC’s beloved “TGIF” from the ’90s. You might even want to tip your hat to your favorite celebrity (here’s looking at you, Taylor Swift). No matter how you choose, just make sure your partner is on board (and if they’re not, here are some strategies to help get them there).

For those curious, Google recently shared their findings on the most popular baby names searched in each state from January 1 to May 29, 2024. This data can be a great starting point for your baby name search (see the map below for a visual representation).


Some interesting names are being searched — long gone are the days of Chad or Karen, after all.

  1. Avery — Nebraska, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama
  2. August — Nevada, Alaska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arkansas, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine
  3. Isla — Arizona, North Dakota, Missouri, Tennessee
  4. River — California, Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia, New York
  5. Maeve — Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Deleware
  6. Quinn — Washington, Wyoming, Minnesota
  7. Kai — Idaho, Utah, Illinois, Florida
  8. Liam — New Mexico, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia
  9. Rowan — Hawaii
  10. Sloane — Oregon, South Dakota, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Rhode Island

And this map differs from the top “trending,” again according to Google, which also includes the likes of Freya, Sloane, Ezra, Eliana, Asher, Sunny, Lucas, and Claire (along with August as above).

These searches show a vast difference between the most popular baby names used around the world and what people are searching for so far this year.


So good luck to all those expectant parents out there. And remember, if you can’t agree, you can always hire someone to help you (yes, that exists).

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