The 65 Weirdest, Most Clever Things On Amazon Under $30, According To Shopping Researchers


The 65 Weirdest, Most Clever Things On Amazon Under $30, According To Shopping Researchers

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If you love to shop but also love when someone else does the research for you, you’re in the right spot. The professional shopping researchers at Scary Mommy rounded up the most efficient, clever, and all-around weird products to help make your shopping life a little richer — and they’re all under $30.


This Portable Table Lamp That’s Even Great For Camping

Whether you use this rechargeable table lamp as a bedside lamp or as a portable light for camping, it can provide 60 hours of illumination. The cordless lamp is dimmable, so you can easily adjust the brightness to fit the mood. The lamp has a stylish wooden base with a gold rim, adding to your decor, and it’s small enough to fit on a compact nightstand.


This Vertical Skewer That Can Be Adjusted To Fit Your Grill

Taco Tuesday is about to get way more legit with this stainless steel vertical skewer. The skewer comes with two removable spikes in different sizes to fit the grill or smoker you’re cooking on. Once you marinate meat, stick it on the skewer to make the most delicious tacos, gyros, or other yummy wraps. The sides of the skewer are beveled to keep the juices contained.


This Cheese Grater That Doubles As A Zester

This cheese grater will absolutely make cooking dinner go a little smoother. The impressive grater doubles as a zester for lemons and ginger and can also shred carrots. It features a container with a removable case for catching food, which can also be used as a storage container for all the extra cheese you didn’t use (if that’s even possible).


This Laundry Detergent Holder With The Perfect Slant

Once you try this laundry detergent holder, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. Seriously, the slanted holder perfectly holds a tub of laundry detergent so it can easily be dispensed into the measuring cup. The cup sits on an attached tray, so if detergent spills, it won’t make a mess on your countertops or laundry machines.


This Mini Lint Roller For Pet Hair Removal On The Go

Use this pet hair lint roller at home or on the go for effective hair removal no matter where you are. The reusable lint roller picks up lint or pet hair when you vigorously roll it over your clothes or car interior. From there, you just need to press a button to open the chamber and remove the hair. It’s small enough to travel with or keep in your car, and couldn’t be easier to use.


This Pack Of 16 Reusable Cinch Straps For Securing Cable Cords

This pack of 16 reusable storage cinch straps comes highly recommended by Scary Mommy’s shopping experts because they are ridiculously efficient. The straps wrap around all types of cords to keep them confined and out of the way. Each strap has a tab for labeling the cords. They come in several color options and sizes.


These Hair Thickening Fibers That Will Instantly Cover Patches

Get ready for a total hair game-changer when you use these affordable hair-thickening fibers. The fibers disguise patches and hair thinning at the crown and part line, seamlessly blending the powder with hair. There’s an excellent selection of colors to match your hair color closely. The company notes that if you’re between two shades, you should opt for the darker color.


This Phone Grip That’s Great For Taking One-Handed Photos

Instead of struggling to take selfies with one hand, give this phone grip a try. The pocket-friendly phone grip features a strong adhesive so you can hold your phone without worry. The strap also makes for easy texting and holding so you can hold your phone and multitask while keeping a solid grip on it. The grip also works with mini tablets.


These Clip-On Toothbrush Protectors Infused With Peppermint Essential Oils

This two-pack of clip-on toothbrush protectors keeps both manual and electric toothbrushes protected in between brushes. They are infused with peppermint essential oils for a little bit of extra freshness every time you brush. The clip-on feature makes them easy to get on and off and keeps the clips in place when you travel. The company recommends changing them out every three months.


This Herb Stripper Tool That Also Effectively Chops

Effectively chop and strip herbs with this herb stripper tool. The tool is fantastic for people who love to cook but don’t love hand-picking cilantro and other herbs off the stem. It features holes in multiple with pictures of various herbs for stripping, while a sharp edge can be used for chopping. The knife also comes with a plastic safety cover for safe storage.


This Magnetic Laundry Machine Hanger Holder With Multiple Uses

You can use this magnetic hanger organizer vertically on a laundry machine to hold hangers, or you can attach it horizontally to the side of a refrigerator to hold cooking utensils. It’s ideal for hanging clothes to air dry as well as a great spot to store unused hangers. The magnet is super strong and won’t budge from holding hangers.


This Adjustable Backseat Mirror I Highly Recommend After Using It With My Own Kids

I received this backseat mirror during my baby shower, and it was an absolute game-changer for car rides. It straps to the backseat headrest so you can see your little one through the rearview mirror. It has adjustable straps and is shatterproof. You can choose from three colors to best match your car’s interior.


This Cozy Travel Blanket That Doubles As A Pillow

Travel in comfort when you pack this two-in-one travel blanket and pillow. The blanket is a lightweight, all-season blanket that’s big enough to keep you and your travel partner warm on a flight. It comes in a travel bag, which has a slot that can attach to a suitcase handle. The micro plush bag feels soft and comfy, doubling as a pillow.


This Foldable Grabber That Makes Picking Up Toys A Breeze

This 32-inch grabber reacher tool can provide help for those with limited mobility, but can also be essential when it comes to tackling the messy abyss known as your child’s room. The foldable grabber has a sensitive trigger that’s easy to pull, and it the claw can be extended and rotated for effectiveness. It’s a great way to save your back from bending down too much when it’s time to tidy. You can buy it in several different lengths to best serve your situation.


This Absorbent Coffee Mat That Dries Quickly

If you have a coffee bar in your house, a great way to avoid coffee stains on your countertops is by placing this coffee mat underneath the coffee machine. The mat will absorb coffee drips and dry quickly, and it’s a great spot to place coffee accessories like mugs, sugar, honey, etc. It can also be used on a bathroom vanity to showcase your collection of products. It comes in eight color options and three sizes.


These Aromatherapy Steamers That One Reviewer Claims Are “The Perfect Item To Bring A Spa Day Home”

Place one of these aromatherapy shower steamers in your shower for a relaxing and refreshing scent. The 12-pack comes with lavender, menthol, eucalyptus, vanilla, watermelon, grapefruit, and peppermint, adding some soothing scents to every shower. The steamers make a fantastic gift for anyone who appreciates a relaxing vibe, especially as one reviewer called them the “perfect item to bring a spa day home”.


This Versatile Alligator Oven Mitt That Makes Cooking Fun

Not only will this novelty alligator oven mitt protect your hand from getting burned while cooking in the kitchen, but it’ll also be a big hit with kids. In fact, if the mitt goes missing, check to see if your kids confiscated it to use as a puppet. Some reviewers note that the mitt doubles as a great way to play with puppies to avoid their sharp teeth, which is something that not all oven mitts have going for them.


This Crystal Garden Set That Fully Grows In Just 6 Hours

Give your kids a fun science project to do with this Nat Geo crystal garden kit. Our shopping experts are big fans of this science kit because it gives kids the chance to customize their project by choosing the colors they want, coloring the crystals with markers, and watching the crystals grow in as little as six hours. It’s the perfect blend between a science project and an art project.


This Portable & Refillable Perfume Bottle That’s Leakproof

Traveling with perfume has never been easier when you use this refillable perfume atomizer bottle. The portable spray bottle can be filled with your favorite perfume or cologne. It holds five milliliters of liquid — the perfect travel-size amount. The bottle is fully leakproof, so you don’t need to worry about it spilling, causing all your stuff to smell like date night forever.


These Magnetic Bookmarks In Various Cat Shapes

Six animal-shaped magnetic bookmarks come in this set, and they’re all just as cute as the next. When one of the bookmarks is placed in a book and folder over on a page, the magnet is held together so you don’t lose your place. Since there are six of them, you can give some away to friends or use them as refrigerator magnets.


This Slow Feeder Bowl For Small, Medium, & Large Breeds

If your dog is an extremely fast eater to their detriment, try this slow-feeder dog bowl. The bowl is designed to replace a regular dog bowl to slow dogs down as they eat so they don’t inhale their food, which can lead to choking, bloating, and vomiting. While this type of bowl is typically only available for large dog breeds, you can get this one for small and medium dogs as well.


A Pack Of 50 Colorful Microfiber Rags Designed For All Types Of Cleaning

This rag box comes with 50 reusable rags for all types of cleaning. Thousands of tiny fissures in each cloth help provide a deep clean with little to no chemicals. The rags are machine washable and will last through several washes — but when they’re ready to be thrown out, there’s a whole box waiting to be used. You can get them in a range of fun colors, from pink to green.


This Best-Selling Gel Nail Strip Set In Loads Of Color Options

Skip the nail salon and save money by doing your own mani with these semi-cured gel nail strips. The nail kit includes 30 easy-to-use nail wraps, two prep pads, one nail file, and one wooden stick. Choose from 26 colors along with four different holiday collections. It takes just a few minutes to apply the nails, and you’ll end up with a salon-worthy manicure.


These Floor Protectors Available In A Variety Of Colors

Protect your hard floors from scratches with this 16-piece set of chair leg floor protectors. The silicone protectors, available in many colors for the perfect match, easily stretch to fully encase the bottom of a chair or table, making them better than felt pads alone. That said, these protectors do come with felt pads on the bottom for extra protection that won’t slip off. “These are so great, easy to install, stay firmly in place, are barely noticeable, and chairs slide out silently. So glad to have found them!” said one reviewer.


This 17-Ounce Bamboo Tumbler That Lets You Brew On The Go

Take this bamboo tumbler on the go and enjoy your favorite loose-leaf tea anywhere. This 17-ounce vacuum-insulated thermos features a detachable infuser and strainer. It’s vacuum-insulated to keep your beverage hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. It also comes in 12-ounce and 22-ounce sizes and has earned itself an overall score of 4.6 out of five stars from thousands of reviewers.


These Best-Selling Pet Nets That Have Changed The Landscape Of My Kids’ Rooms

I bought this two-pack of stuffed animal storage hammocks (AKA a pet net for those of you who grew up in the ‘80s) for my kids recently, and now I can actually walk into their rooms without stepping on endless stuffies. The affordable nets hook onto two walls in the corner of a room and can hold a tremendous amount of stuffed animals. There are several colors to choose from.


This Genius Dish Brush With A Sink Handle For Added Convenience

A great way to keep your dish brush out of the way of grime and sink muck is by using this space-saving edge dish brush. The brush is like any dish brush you’ve used in the past, except it features an impressive integrated sink rest for convenience you never knew you needed. The curved brush head has a built-in pan scraper to make cleanup a little easier.


These Leaf-Shaped Watering Funnels That Stick Right In The Soil

Help water flow directly to your plant’s roots when you use this three-pack of weird yet clever plant watering funnels. The leaf-shaped funnel sticks directly into the soil, and when water is poured on top, it flows straight to the roots for instant hydration. To make things even more efficient, you can leave the leaf in the soil for easy access since it blends right in.


This Super Fun Cartoon Messenger Bag In Several Color Options

If you’re a big fan of cartoons, you will find immense joy in rocking this 3D-style drawing cartoon bag. The way the bag is designed tricks the brain into thinking it’s an actual cartoon, which is fun. The bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and comes in six bright color options. It’ll fit your small essentials like a phone, wallet, and keys, and it can also hold certain laptops.


A Set Of 4 String Lights Operated Via Remote Control

Decorate for a party or the holidays, or leave this set of four fairy string lights up year-round to brighten up your backyard all the time. The battery-operated lights are equipped with a timer and are controlled via remote control. The lights can be dimmed, and you can choose between eight different modes.


These Snack Boxes That Make Food Prep So Much Easier

When I switched over to using this four-pack of bento snack boxes for my kids’ snacks, it made going to the park — or anywhere — a whole lot easier. Each snack box has four compartments that are compact but big enough to hold a good amount of food — even lunch. The lids are different colors, which as a parent, I’m assuming is to help kids not fight over whose is whose. Aside from being heavily endorsed by both myself and the shopping researchers, this set also has over 20,000 five-star reviews from Amazon customers.


This Shirt Folding Board That Helps You Land The Perfect Fold

Whether you want to master the perfect fold for aesthetic purposes in your closet or to better fit clothes in a suitcase, this shirt folding board does the trick. Following a simple tutorial, the board will have you folding shirts, sweaters, pants, towels, and more as if you work at a retail store. Since the board’s job is to fold, it can be tucked away for storage without taking up much room.


This Set Of 30 Teeth Whitening Gel Treatments Perfect To Use With Invisalign Trays, Retainers, & Dental Trays

An incredibly affordable way to whiten your teeth is by using this teeth-whitening gel refill pack. The 35% carbamide peroxide will whiten your teeth up to 10 shades in 7 days when you use it for 30 minutes at a time. Since this is a refill pack, you’ll need to provide your own Invisalign, retainer, or custom teeth whitening trays.


These Stretchy Laundry Sock Clips With An Adjustable Cord To Keep Them Together

It can feel like an anomaly how one sock always goes missing after a load of laundry, but with these stretchy laundry sock clips, the pairs are practically guaranteed to stay together. The pack comes with 20 adjustable cords that can be used when socks are taken off and thrown in the hamper. They come in multiple colors to make organization even easier.


This Flexible Detangling Brush That Works Wonders On Thick Hair

If you or your kiddo has thick or curly hair, our shopping experts highly suggest this round detangling brush. The brush effortlessly glides through hair and can work wonders on tangles without pulling hair out or causing intense pain. Different from other hair brushes, this one is designed to minimize breakage or split ends.


This On-The-Go Jewelry Cleaner Pen That’s TSA-Approved

When you’re traveling to a fancy event and want to show off your bling, a great way to ensure your jewelry is in tip-top shape is by cleaning it with this on-the-go jewelry cleaner pen. The pen comes with cleaner inside that’s free of harsh chemicals as well as a brush at the tip. It’s TSA-approved and safe for fine gemstones.


This Silicone Pet Brush With A Removable Cover

The cover on this silicone dog and cat massage brush is removable so you can easily clean off any hair left behind. It’s great for pets who shed, and it’s 100% waterproof, making it a smart choice for the bath to work the soap through your dog’s fur. The reverse side of the brush is designed to remove pet hair from furniture and clothes.


These Best-Selling Gift Wrap Cutters That Make A Straight Line

It’s probably safe to say that most people who use this gift wrap cutter will never go back to scissors when wrapping gifts (myself included). The cutter fits perfectly around a roll of wrapping paper, and a protected sharp blade cuts the wrapping paper in a straight line without those annoying scissor lines. It comes in a two-pack, making it perfect for the holiday season.


This Best-Selling Nail Strengthening Cream With Over 47,000 5-Star Ratings

If your nails could use some repairing, this nail strengthening cream is a truly worthwhile way of handling it. With over 47,000 five-star ratings, it’s clear that people stand behind the effectiveness of the cream. The coconut-scented cream is infused with vitamins, minerals, and emollients to strengthen and repair nails.

One shopper raved, “I’ve been using this cream for a few months now and the change in my nails is magic. They are so thick and healthy. I never thought I would have nails like this. I have to clip them once a week because of how fast they are growing.”


These Towel Bands That Fit Around The Top Of Most Beach Chairs

To keep your beach or pool towels from blowing in the wind, try this six-pack of durable towel bands. The bands wrap around the top of a lounge chair to keep your towel in place They come in six different colors, including three glow-in-the-dark bands. They’re small, flexible, and easy to travel with.


These Cup Slicers That Work Well With Fruit & Eggs

Instead of using a knife to individually chop each piece of fruit for a fruit salad, use this two-pack of cup slicers that get the job done more efficiently. The large slicer has a durable plastic body with sharp blades. It comes with a blade cover for the safety of curious little fingers. In addition to fruit, the slicer is also ideal for slicing eggs and garlic.


This Brilliant Narrow Sliding Storage Organizer Rack With 3 Shelves

If your laundry area storage space is lacking, this narrow sliding storage organizer rack can be a huge help. The space-saving rack has three shelves that can hold laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, and other laundry accessories. It’s designed to slide right in between a washing machine and a dryer. The rack is on wheels, making it easy to slide in and out.


This Handheld Garlic Crusher That’s Multifunctional & Dishwasher-Safe

To make your life easier when it comes to peeling garlic, our shopping pros suggest using this handheld garlic twister. The small gadget is intended to smash two to three garlic cloves, loosening the skins for peeling. When twisted, the garlic will mince and will be ready to add to your recipe. It’s dishwasher-safe and also works well with ginger, herbs, and nuts, making it multifunctional.


These Highly Efficient Stainless Steel Tea Scoops That Double As Bag Clips

In addition to coffee and tea, this two-pack of stainless steel coffee and tea scoops is ideal for measuring things like protein powder, sugar, milk powder, and oatmeal. The scoop measures one cup. The opposite side of the scoop ingeniously doubles as a bag clip, so you can seal bags while having your scoop handy and ready to go.


This Car Dip Clip That Hooks Onto A Vent

Dipping fries or nuggets into your favorite delicious sauce while in the car won’t cause a mess when you use this in-car dip clip sauce holder. The holder clips onto any vent in your car and will hold almost any sauce from all major fast-food chains. A small washable container fits inside the holder for square sauces, while round sauces fit directly in the holder.


These Food Storage Bins That Keep Fruit & Veg Fresh For Longer

Not only can you use these food storage bins as a spot to hold cut fruit, veggies, and leftovers, but they come with appropriately sized colanders to make the washing experience a breeze. The colanders sit inside the containers for a seamless transfer of washed fruit and veggies, and the plastic containers have an airtight seal to keep food fresher for longer.


This Foldable Phone Stand That Even Works With Thick Cases

The purpose of this foldable phone stand is to hold your phone vertically or horizontally to relieve some pressure from always looking down at your phone. The portable, adjustable phone stand can be extended, and it’ll hold your phone even with a thick case. Your phone can be charged while on the stand, you just need to supply the charger.


These Foldable Underwear Organizers With A Total Of 64 Slots

Keep your underwear, socks, bras, and ties organized with this three-pack of foldable drawer dividers. Two of the space-saving dividers feature 24 cells while the third has 16. They’re great for placing in dresser drawers, but they also work out well for storing off-season items like winter socks or bathing suits in a storage bin. You can buy them in eight different colors.


This Mushroom & Lion’s Mane Coffee That Energizes Without The Crash

You won’t regret switching over to this organic instant coffee powder from your regular morning brew. The mushroom, lion’s mane, chaga, and Rhodiola mushrooms create a unique blend that offers help with focus, immunity support, and sustained energy without the crash of a typical cup of coffee. Shoppers note that the flavor is mellow and delicious.


This Layering Clasp That Will Help You Wear 3 Necklaces At Once Without Any Tangles

Layering necklaces is cute, but if you find that yours are always tangling, you should check out these necklace layering clasps. The lightweight clasps are designed to keep three necklaces from getting tangled with each other. The clasps are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel and come in either gold or silver to best match your jewelry.


This Hanging Clothing Storage Bag With 24 Slots

If your daily uniform consists of yoga pants and a T-shirt (hi, it’s me), this hanging storage bag will give you a convenient place to store all of your leggings. The organizer can hang in a closet or over a door, and it can hold 24 pairs of yoga pants, shirts, jeans, or any other article of clothing that’ll fit rolled up. Choose from several colors to best fit your decor.


This Coffee & Tea Brewing Straw With A Built-In Filter That’s Great For Travel

Using this coffee and tea brewing straw, all you have to do is add coffee grounds or tea leaves along with hot water into a mug and stir. Since the bottom of the straw has a filter, you’ll be able to sip coffee or tea through it and it’ll taste like a typical cup of freshly made coffee. The straw is also great for fresh juice that might have seeds and cocktails with mint leaves or mixed fruit.


These Vacuum-Insulated Wine Bottle & Tumblers With Spill-Proof Lids

Give this wine chiller gift set to someone who enjoys bringing wine to the beach, on a picnic, or to a concert in the park. Included in the gift set are a vacuum-insulated wine bottle and two tumblers with spill-proof lids. Made of durable stainless steel, the bottle and tumblers are completely shatterproof and are odor- and smudge-resistant.


This Military-Level Camping Lantern Designed For Extreme Conditions

This survival camping lantern was designed for extreme weather and tough environments. It’s been proven to survive military-level drop tests, making it a great lantern to bring along on intense hiking or camping trips and to have in your emergency preparedness kit at home. It features four light modes — one specifically for thick fog. It also has a SOS mode to attract attention in an emergency.


This Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar That Helps With Breakage

Cut back on single-use plastic shampoo bottles when you switch over to this rice water shampoo bar. The bar takes the place of liquid shampoo, is made from natural ingredients, is fully compostable, and comes in zero-waste packaging. The ingredients are designed to balance the PH in your hair for a healthy-looking and moisturized mane.


This Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner That One Reviewer Called A “Great Time Saver”

This electric makeup brush cleaner is perfect for you if you’re serious about keeping your brushes clean but don’t feel like handwashing them. To use, fill the bowl with soap and water, choose the rubber collar that fits the brush you want to clean, then press the button to clean, and raise it to dry. “Great time saver!” said one reviewer. “I honestly don’t think my brushes have ever been so clean! It literally took me minutes!”


This Fabric Shaver With A Built-In Lint Brush

With this fabric shaver and lint brush, you can gently and quickly remove fabric pills and lint from clothing and furniture. Designed without blades or any moving parts, the fabric shaver doesn’t require any electricity or batteries, so it’s safer to use than other shavers while being gentler on your items. It’s compact size makes it travel-friendly.


This Bug Bite Suction Tool That Actually Works

One thing is for sure about this bug bite suction tool — it works. The poison remover tool is an absolute must-have for mosquito season, and it’s especially helpful for bee stings, with the capability of removing saliva, venom, and other irritants through suction. Shoppers and our shopping researchers recommend using this within the first few minutes of getting bit for it to work best, so purchasing more than one might be your best bet.


This Self-Watering Plant Globe That Holds 23 Ounces Of Water

If you tend to forget to water your plants or just can’t get around to it all the time, this self-watering plant globe can take care of it for you. The glass globe can hold 23 ounces of water, and when it’s stuck into soil, it delivers eight ounces of water in 24 hours. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the globe is aesthetically pleasing.


This 3-Pack Of Skull-Shaped Lip Balms That Will Hydrate Your Lips Without The Shine

Nourish and hydrate your lips with this three-pack of shine-free skull-shaped lip balms. The lip balm containers come in purple, white, and black, and each has a different flavor: passion fruit, black mint, and white vanilla. All are made with natural ingredients. Plus, the packaging is fun — the bottom of the balm is engraved with the Hamlet quote: “Be all my sins remember’d.”


This Fun Silicone Spoon Holder That Keeps Countertops Clean

Avoid a mess on your countertops as you cook with this wave-shaped spoon holder. The silicone holder can hold up to three cooking utensils at a time, and is safe to pop in the dishwasher. Look closely at the tiny white boat in the wave — how can you resist that? If the ocean isn’t your thing, there are several other fun spoon holders to choose from.


These Wine Drip Rings In A Set Of 12

If you’ve been licking the side of wine bottles your whole adult life to capture the drips before they make a mess (and because no drips left behind), this set of 12 wine drip leak stoppers is exactly what you need. Made of felt, the red-colored stoppers perfectly fit over the neck of a wine bottle and stay in place while pouring. “Fits snugly around the neck and doesn’t slide off like other more expensive stainless steel rings I’ve purchased in the past,” noted one reviewer.


This Makeup Brush Set That’s The Perfect Size For Traveling

Leave your regular-size makeup brushes at home and go for this travel-size makeup brush set instead to save room. The set comes with brushes for powder, foundation, lips, and eyeshadow. The brushes are portable, so even if you aren’t traveling, they’re still great to throw in a purse or a bag to always have on you.


A Set Of Clear Bags That’s TSA-Approved

If you want to avoid having your toiletries handled by a TSA worker in an airport’s security line, you should check out this four-pack of clear cosmetic organizer. Each bag is quart-size and transparent, making them TSA-approved. They also can help you cut back on the zippered single-use plastic bags used while traveling.


This Inspirational Daily Calendar With A Built-In Stand

Feeling motivated and inspired couldn’t be easier with this cute flip calendar that’s bound to get your day started on the right foot. It’s undated, so it can be used year after year, and has a built-in easel stand that’ll make it perfect for your work desk. With an overall score of 4.8 out of five stars with thousands of people backing it up, it very well may change your outlook on a tough day.

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