The 5 Cheapest European Cities For Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets

The juggernaut that is Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour just keeps going. Starting May 9, the billionaire singer will play 50 shows across Europe before heading back to North America for dates in Canada. The tour, which took America — and our wallets — by storm last summer, will be held in some of Europe’s biggest concert venues. And, as was the case last summer, tickets are super hard to come by.

The folks over at Going analyzed which cities were the cheapest to get to, to travel within, and have the lowest-priced tickets available (Lyon and Dublin notwithstanding). Of course, prices fluctuate and things change, but here are the the cheapest cities for Eras Tour tickets in Europe (as of mid-March).

Warsaw, Poland

Average ticket price: $423

Alexander Spatari/Moment/Getty Images

Hamburg, Germany

Average ticket price: $372

querbeet/E+/Getty Images

Stockholm, Sweden

Average ticket price: $371

alxpin/E+/Getty Images

Madrid, Spain

Average ticket price: $354

jmsilva/E+/Getty Images

Gelsenkirchen/Düsseldorf, Germany

Average ticket price: $310

justhavealook/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

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