Texas Roadhouse Rolls Are Coming To Walmart's Freezer Section

Why is it always, “Babe, what’s for dinner?” and never, “Babe, I brought home a case of frozen Texas Roadhouse rolls and a kiddie pool of cinnamon butter?”

There are few greater things in this world than biting into one of those soft, sweet, yeasty rolls from Texas Roadhouse. Especially when you straight-up dunk that mofo into the butter cup, instead of using a knife like a lady. Your baby’s first laugh? Precious. That first jump in the pool on the Fourth of July? Glorious. But sinking your teeth into those hot-out-of-the-oven rolls while the chaos of a packed restaurant unfolds around you? Truly transcendent.

What if you could experience all the joy and goodness of a Texas Roadhouse roll without ever having to leave your house? No dodging F-150s in the parking lot. No 4-year-old crying because their crayon rolled off the table. And no cringing when you realize you just spent your cell phone bill money on a Thursday night dinner. Just sweet, hot indulgence from the comfort of your own home.

Well, now you can.

“Nothing beats the fresh-baked bread we make in our restaurants daily,” the restaurant told USA Today. “However, we’re excited for our guests to have an inspired-by product available to them to make at home.”

Texas Roadhouse Mini Rolls come in a package of 12 mini rolls on a tray ready to bake. Best part? The honey cinnamon glaze mimics the taste and texture of the butter from actual Texas Roadhouse restaurants so that customers can have a similar experience at home.

The packages will sell for $5.26 per package. Of course, they’re free in the restaurant, but you’d have to cough up money for the rest of your meal. And you’d have to leave your house. Have you done that lately? Hard pass.

So, yep, you’ll soon be able to enjoy Texas Roadhouse Rolls at home anytime you want. The restaurant has confirmed that its brand-new, freezer-section Texas Roadhouse Mini Rolls will be sold exclusively at Walmart.

They were originally supposed to, erm, roll out on June 29, but some Walmart stores apparently got a little too excited about the doughy goodness and put the product on shelves early. So far, no one is actually complaining about this mistake. In fact, it’s led to some early rave reviews on social media.

Currently, the rolls can be bought at select stores in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. But don’t be dismayed; Texas Roadhouse and Walmart promise they’ll be available “in all stores in the coming weeks.”

Get ’em while you can, though — the rolls will only be available for a limited time, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Well, until the inevitable rerelease next year, or unless everyone runs out and sells them out so fast that TR realizes what a gold mine they have on their hands.

You might even want to grab a few extra packages if you’re among those #blessed people with an extra freezer in the garage. I’m not saying Thanksgiving dinner without Texas Roadhouse Mini Rolls would ruin the merriment; I’m just saying, why tempt fate? Let’s keep those rolls locked and loaded for the holidays.

And if you miss out on grabbing a box of these little frozen pillows of heaven? Regular-sized Texas Roadhouse rolls are still available in the restaurant, and yes, you can order them for carry-out. There are also so many good copycat recipes worth trying when we’re not all living under an oppressive heatwave.

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