Super shield: K-beauty brand develops sun protection patch to solve reapplication pain point

K beauty sunscreen patch aims to solve consumer reapplication challenges

The Naked SunShield Peptide Patch is “an ultra-thin, highly breathable, nearly invisible sun patch that blocks 99.9% of UVB and 98.1% of UVA rays.”

“Up to two-thirds of people don’t remember to reapply sunscreen – and the incidence rate of skin cancer is rising. So, we introduced the Naked Sunshield Patch to address the challenge of frequent sunscreen reapplication,” said Myounghoon Jang, founder and CEO of parent company Biosensor Laboratories Inc.

“Unlike traditional sunscreens, it requires no reapplication…you just peel it off when you’re done in the sun… We want it to embody everyday comfort and effectiveness in sun protection.”

In addition, the patches are infused with hyaluronic acid and peptides to provide skin benefits.

Jang told CosmeticsDesign-Asia that the product has been backed by six clinical studies conducted by South Korea-based P&K Skin Research Centre.

“These studies highlight a 43.7% improvement in soothing UV-irritated skin over two weeks, a 17.3% increase in skin cooling immediately after application, and a 13.4% enhancement in the lifting effect for skin sagging around the eyes.

“Additionally, there was an 8.2% improvement in skin density and a 7.4% reduction in wrinkles around the eye area, alongside a 25.4% improvement in melasma, blemishes, and pigmentation after two weeks,” he said.

The sunscreen patches tap into an increasing demand for products that cater to an active lifestyle, said Jang.

“We also see a merging of sport and beauty – people want products that are gentle but also work for them in various moments of their lives. These are all core to our mission and philosophy, and we see huge potential for the Franz brand to capitalise on it. We believe this holds true across age groups – Gen X has been a core customer for us, but we’re seeing growth among, millennials and even Gen Z.”

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