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Asking students to give their honest opinions about what they liked (and disliked!) about our class can be downright terrifying! Do I really want to read that they thought my lessons were boring or too easy? It’s scary to put ourselves out there like that. But when we allow our students to share their insights and reflections on their learning experiences, we gain valuable feedback into what worked well and areas where we can improve.

Offering a student perception survey at the end of the semester or school year allows our students to share their thoughts about their learning experiences. By listening to their perspectives, we get to see what worked well and areas where we can improve. And often, we find out that our students appreciated our efforts to make learning engaging and meaningful far more than we thought they did! Download our free End-of-Year Student Survey today and let your students share their thoughts about the time they spent learning with you.

What sorts of questions does the survey ask?

The End-of-Year Student Survey does a great job of asking a wide variety of questions in different formats. This allows students to provide as little or as much feedback as they choose. Additionally, the questions are designed to make students consider the positive aspects of their experiences as well as areas they wish were done differently, so you won’t just be receiving complaints or criticism.

Image of the front page of the End-of-the-Year Student Survey printable

Some examples of included questions are:

  • What do you like best about this class and/or teacher?
  • Was there anything about this class and/or teacher that frustrated you?
  • Was your teacher approachable when you had questions and/or needed help?
  • What is one thing you think your teacher should do differently in future classes?
  • What is one piece of advice you would give a student taking this class with this teacher in the future?

What should you do with the feedback you receive from the survey?

Getting feedback from our students is awesome, but only if we use it to reflect on this year’s learning and how we can improve in the future.

Image from the back page of the End-of-the-Year Student Survey printable

Here are some great ways to get the most out of the End-of-Year Student Survey:

  • Take a deep breath: It’s never fun to receive critical feedback, but if we’re serious about improvement, we have to be willing to listen. (That being said, you might get some negative comments that aren’t constructive and are just meant to be mean. Ignore those remarks!)
  • Looking for patterns: If most students stated they disliked a unit or assignment, maybe that’s an area that could be revised for upcoming school years. If students said you made them feel seen and heard in class, pat yourself on the back for creating a positive classroom culture, and make sure you continue that in the future!
  • Celebrate the victories: Most importantly, take pride in the positive comments about fun lessons, times you made students feel seen and supported, and compliments you receive. Save these surveys in your “Warm Fuzzies File” for when you need a reminder of the difference you make every day!

Get your free End-of-Year Student Perception Survey

To download your free End-of-Year Student Survey, just fill out the form on this page for instant access!

You’ll also have the option of downloading an editable Google Forms version of the survey if you’d prefer to add/change questions and have your students complete the survey digitally.

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