Stani in Athens, Greece

Athens used to be home to as many 1,600 dairy bars, venues that specialized in yogurt and milk-based dishes, as well as sweets. Of those, Stani is one of only a handful of survivors. 

Produced since 1931, the speciality here is strained yogurt made from the milk of sheep living on small farms near the city. An order takes the form of a thick dollop, ideally drenched in honey and generously topped with crushed walnuts, both available as optional garnishes. The yogurt is somehow light and rich at the same time, with a pleasantly milky aroma and a bright, subtly tart flavor. After a visit here, you’ll find it hard to go back to your Chobani.

There’s a menu that dips into other dairy-related dishes—a slab of sheep milk butter swimming in honey, a glass of whipped cream drizzled with honey (do you sense a theme?), a dish of cream sprinkled with cinnamon – and a glass case filled with sweets, as well as yogurt and cream sold in tubs to-go. They also fry loukoumades, crispy donuts drenched in honey syrup, and serve a few savory dishes, including a delicious spanakopita, a phyllo pastry pie stuffed with feta cheese and spinach.

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