Sony Music’s New Hub in Mumbai Hits All the Right Notes

In Mumbai, a modern office transformation is set to inspire and nurture the Indian music scene. Designed by M Moser Associates, this innovative space for Sony Music is more than just a workplace, it’s a vibrant, club-like hub that will foster collaboration, creativity, and cultural exchange for the company’s legacy labels and emerging brands. “Mumbai is Bollywood’s epicenter, the vibrant heart of India’s entertainment industry,” explains Addy Walcott, Associate Director at M Moser. “Sony’s choice to establish its hub in Mumbai represented an opportunity to effect change in the heart of India’s rich music sector. The result is a transformative space for people in the industry.”

A person stands in a red-lit hallway with white round lights arranged in a circular pattern on the far wall. The person is blurred, indicating motion

Two people, one reading a book and the other using a tablet, sit in a modern room with abstract art on the walls and a geometric wooden partition

Music is undoubtedly the overarching theme of the design, but M Moser wanted to also pay homage to the diverse culture and heritage specific to Sony Mumbai. In almost every space, the team added pops of the brand’s red through elements like wall art, furniture, and paint while incorporating colors from Indian tradition, like ochre and gold. Custom furniture, rugs, and lighting made by local businesses, as well as the generous use of wood, create an homey, bespoke environment that feels quite unique to Mumbai.

Two men sitting at a wooden table in a cafe, with one using a laptop and both holding mugs. The wall behind them features five circular wooden decorations

People are sitting and working on wooden tables in a modern, minimalist room with a grid ceiling, grey walls, and round wall art

Modern office lobby with red ceiling, various artworks on walls, a seating area, and a reception desk where a woman stands using her phone. Another person sits in a chair, and a third walks by.

In The Lobby, a Walk of Fame showcases portraits of iconic artists, and a vinyl album display hints at the company’s rich heritage. Over in The Library, which M Moser designed as the heart of the workplace, various settings support casual conversations, heads-down work, and official team meetings. Workstations, meeting rooms, and enclosed cabins surrounded by team neighborhoods cater to different work needs and preferences.

Wall display of vinyl records in a room with wooden shelves, a black round table, candle, and seating area with red and mustard-colored chairs

A woman works on a laptop at a conference table in a modern office meeting room with framed photos on the wall and various items on the table

A modern, acoustically treated lounge with four people. The room features wooden paneling, a patterned rug, musical instruments, three yellow couches, and a mixing station with vinyl records on the wall

For livelier functions, The Lounge is an adaptable space that can host events like town hall meetings or musical performances. And in a gesture of support to musical talents, M Moser added a recording studio, DJ station, vinyl collection, and stage — perfect for workshops, private events, and cultural gatherings.

Modern office space with an open-plan design featuring wood and red accents. People are working and conversing on both sides of the corridor. Two women are sitting and chatting in the foreground

The Work Cafe is a serene retreat from sound. Shared bench seating, communal tables, and cozy nooks are all designed for employees and partners to take a break from the music environments and, instead, connect and relax among peers.

People are working in a modern office space with wooden furniture, red accents, and overhead lighting. Several individuals are seated at a long table with laptops, while others move about or sit in the background

An office space with modern decor, including geometric wall art and ventilation ducts. One person is seated and working on a laptop, while another person walks by in the background

Modern office space with wooden paneling, round tables, and pendant lights. Several workstations and chairs are visible, with a mix of open and secluded seating areas

A modern office interior with a glass partition featuring a red soundwave design. A person is walking through a door on the left, and a seating area with a chair and ottoman is in the foreground

Featured artworks and installations of sound waves and drumheads are a nod to Sony Music’s work and visually symbolize the brand’s core values of diversity, passion, innovation, and collaboration.

Two framed album art hanging on a wood-paneled wall above a black console table. The left portrait features a woman in a mesh outfit, and the right portrait features a woman with pink hair

Two people sit in a modern office lounge with abstract artwork on the walls. One person uses a laptop while the other looks at their phone. The room features a sectional sofa and contemporary decor

By incorporating the heritage of Mumbai with the work culture of Sony Music, M Moser creates an unforgettable space that can’t be replicated elsewhere. The new office serves as a platform for artists, employees, and partners to co-create, innovate, and thrive in a setting that celebrates both local culture and global creativity.

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Photography by Syam Sreesylam.

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