Sonic's New $1.99 Menu Is Perfect For Budget-Friendly Summer Snacking

Remember when going to Sonic was a rare treat because they weren’t everywhere, like many other fast-food chains? It was the “road trip treat” or “emergency exit” spot. Over time, they’ve expanded their locations, making it easy for fans to get their hands on favorites like a gigantic Route 44 dirty soda or gooey fried mozzarella sticks. And yet, it’s become more difficult for families to eat out (even fast food) — everything is just so dang expensive! Sonic’s solution: A new permanent $1.99 menu.

In addition to Sonic’s recently launched super-cool X Games drink menu, the “Fun.99” menu has arrived just in time to turn Sonic into your family‘s preferred snacking pit stop for the summer.

Sonic’s Fun.99 Menu

Not only is everything on Sonic’s new value menu cheap (read: $1.99), but it also adds up to several delicious meal options. Inspired by the brand’s “Live Free Eat Sonic” platform, the Fun.99 menu offers a variety of snacks, desserts, and entrée items. They include:

  • Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger
  • Chili Cheese Coney
  • Small Tots
  • 16 oz Sonic Shakes (available in 12 flavors)
  • *New* Sonic Queso Wraps

Haven’t had a Sonic Queso Wrap? You’re not alone. This delectable treat joined the menu in mid-June. Each wrap comes with one of Sonic’s delicious white meat chicken tenders covered in queso cheese and wrapped in a tortilla. Two flavor options dictate what else comprises the wrap. The Bacon Ranch Queso Wrap also includes bacon and ranch dressing. The Southwest Crunch Queso Wrap adds a Southwest sauce and crunchy tortilla strips.

If you consider a burger, coney, or wraps an entree, the tots a side, and then wash it all down with one of Sonic’s famous milkshakes, you’re looking at spending less than $6 for your meal. That’s about as cheap as you could hope from any popular fast-food chain.

Not included on the Fun.99 menu but also recently added to Sonic’s menu are Groovy Fries and Sauce. The brand’s first update to its fries in over a decade, they’re described as “crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and perfect for dipping into Sonic’s delicious new Groovy Sauce.”

The fries’ deep grooves reportedly make an excellent vehicle for shuttling the sauce — a creamy blend of savory ranch and herbs with a mild kick of sriracha — straight to your mouth.

X Games Ventura 2024-Inspired “Flavorista Favorites” Drinks

Sonic recently signed on as the first-ever presenting sponsor for the X Games. The partnership includes a cool new Sonic-themed skate park, a Sonic lounge for athletes, and a vibrant new lineup of drinks.

If you thought Sonic reached peak drink innovation when they started including Nerds, think again. The Flavorista Favorites drinks are just as wild as the stunts you’ll see throughout the games. They debuted at the X Games in late June and appeared in the Sonic App on Monday, July 1.

julybeverages pr image

The lineup includes:

  • Classic Cruiser: The timeless taste of cola combined with a sweet hint of cherry vanilla.
  • Twisted Flamingo: A refreshing twist of lemon-lime, cherry vanilla, and sweet cream.
  • Paradise Sunset: A bubbly drink with a citrusy burst of blood orange and real strawberries that whisks you away to paradise.
  • Rainbow Slush: A rainbow-inspired slush with blue raspberry, real strawberries, and lemonade that’s as colorful as it is delicious.
  • Lemonade Cream Cooler: A tangy lemonade slush blended with sweet, creamy soft serve.
  • Grape Escape: A bubbly mix of grape and lime that creates the perfect flavor escape.

Worth noting: These drinks won’t be eligible for any Happy Hour specials run by the restaurant or on the app. However, Sonic will continue to offer other drinks and slushes at half-price through the Sonic app.

Either way, when coupled with the savings on the Fun.99 menu, a “splurge” for a Twisted Flamingo won’t seem too extravagant on any budget.

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