Solana Meme Mascot Mew Joins Telegram Game ‘PixelTap’ to Defeat Doge

The world of meme coins has turned all sorts of internet icons into crypto favorites, and now a relatively new one—Mew, a cat based on the Solana meme coin Cat in a Dogs World (MEW)—is entering a popular Telegram-based combat game to battle against a dog boss based on the iconic Doge meme.

On Wednesday, Pixelverse announced that it has teamed up with the creators of MEW to bring a combatant based on the coin to PixelTap, a tap-based crypto game on Solana. According to the developer, Mew is positioned as a rival to Shibatoni, a hulking canine fighter inspired by the likes of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

“Mew is a smart cat with a mysterious past. He sneaks around the alleys of Dog City, where dogs rule and rats work hard for the SHIBEX mega corporation,” an official description on Telegram reads. “With a flick of his tail and a bit of magic, Mew uses his tech skills and magical powers to trick SHIBEX and their high-tech defenses.”

A brief trailer shows the Mew character performing acrobatic moves against the cyberpunk backdrop of the Pixelverse, before jumping into a combat ring and trading blows with the towering Doge-inspired enemy.

PixelTap is one of the latest Telegram games to gain momentum in the wake of Notcoin and Hamster Kombat. But rather than sticking to a typical tap-to-earn formula, PixelTap pivots by having players battle against other players’ pets as you attempt to tap and defend in an effort to be the last fighter standing.

All the while, you’ll earn in-game coins that you can spend on more pets, as well as upgrades to make them more powerful. While Pixelverse has yet to explicitly confirm an airdrop for PixelTap players, the project announced last week that it will launch its upcoming PIXFI token on The Open Network (TON), the same network favored by the biggest Telegram-based games.

Despite the news, MEW is down 7% on the day to a current price of about $0.004, per data from CoinGecko.

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