'Smak' in Kragujevac, Serbia


In 1971, guitarist Radomir Mihailović “Točak” with drummer Slobodan Stojanović “Kepa” formed a rock band. Bassist Zoran Milanović and vocalist Slobodan Kominac joined them and everyone decided to call themselves Smak, after a theater musical. Kominac soon left the band and was replaced with Boris Aranđelović in 1973.

That year they released their first single, and since then, the band’s popularity has grown. Eleven studio albums later the city of Kragujevac, the hometown of two of their members and the city where they mostly played and practiced, decided to build four monuments for each group member (although since 1971 20 more musicians were part of the band).

They were placed on Trg Omladine (Youth Square), in front of Dom Omladine (Youth Culture Center) where the band practiced. Today you can walk between members’ monuments on Trg Omladine and take pictures with them.

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