Senator Marsha Blackburn Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations, Following Trump

In a move signaling the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the political sphere, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn has announced that her reelection campaign will now accept donations through Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies.

According to the donations page, Blackburn’s campaign also accepts coins such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, powered by payments firm BitPay.

“Our campaign is committed to meeting supporters where they are,” Blackburn tweeted Tuesday. “As a growing number of Americans utilize digital currencies for everyday transactions, we are excited to begin accepting crypto donations.”

Senator Blackburn’s embrace of Bitcoin donations is part of a broader trend of cryptocurrency adoption among politicians. This move aligns with recent efforts by other political figures and organizations to incorporate digital assets into their platforms and operations.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, began accepting cryptocurrency donations in May. He also previously called for all remaining Bitcoin to be mined within the United States.

A Republican National Committee panel on Monday passed a draft of the party platform that includes a pledge to “defend the right to mine Bitcoin” and protect self-custody of digital assets.

We will defend the right to mine Bitcoin, and ensure every American has the right to self-custody of their digital assets, and transact free from government surveillance and control,” the draft states.

This growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in politics is not limited to campaign donations. Congressman Matt Gaetz recently introduced a bill that would allow federal income tax payments to be made in Bitcoin.

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