Sabine Marcelis Boldly Reimagines the VitraHaus Loft in Germany

Sabine Marcelis, a Dutch designer known for her innovative use of color, is the latest designer to make their mark at the VitraHaus Loft (see previous VitraHaus Loft installations here) in Weil am Rhein, Germany. The vibrant installation offers fresh perspectives on living spaces, showcasing a bold color scheme that redefines the concept of home. Marcelis, whose previous collaboration with the Vitra Design Museum was the 2022 Colour Rush! exhibition, has extended her creative vision to transform the top floor of the VitraHaus. The installation mimics the design of her own home, featuring a large open space segmented into zones, each distinguished by its own color palette. “The philosophy behind the design closely mirrors how we created our family home,” Marcelis notes, emphasizing the blend of her designs with those of other artists, as well as Vitra’s iconic furniture pieces.

Modern interior with a unique green cylindrical structure, a beige coat hanging on it, green sectional sofa, red open shelving, and large windows showcasing a scenic outdoor view.

The space in the public VitraHaus has been meticulously overhauled into an imaginative display that highlights the synergy of color and design. Till Weber, Vitra’s Creative Director of Interiors & Scenography, explains, “The VitraHaus Loft is the perfect canvas to display the diversity of Vitra furniture.” He praises Marcelis’s use of natural, organic hues that seamlessly interact with the various zones, creating connections without perfect matches. The design leans toward a warm, home-like atmosphere through layered design elements and diverse materials, instead of a gallery feel.

A bright, minimalist corner with a light green cylindrical structure and a soft green carpet against a white wall.

Upon entering the loft via the elevator, visitors are welcomed into a spacious living room in a cool mint green palette. At the heart of this area is a unique lounge setup arranged by Marcelis using Jasper Morrison’s Soft Modular Sofa. Marcelis describes this design choice, saying, “The original sofa system is generally used to create L shapes, and we’ve just merged it all to form this enveloping pit.” This space invites guests to relax and enjoy projected films and scenic views, embodying the essence of a comfortable and engaging lounge area.

A round mirror reflects a green wall with two hooks, one holding a light brown coat. A shelf with glassware and colorful items is visible in the background.

The installation features seven key colors, each thoughtfully applied to the different zones. A soft pink, for instance, highlights the bathroom, where a custom pale pink onyx unit captivates with its elegance and light-catching properties. “The colors used in the VitraHaus Loft are personal favorites,” Marcelis shares. “I like these colors and never tire of them, which makes them timeless for me. I think this attitude is important for anyone creating their own home.”

Modern dining room with a glass table, red cylindrical base, two red chairs, two wire chairs, abstract wall art, and a potted plant. Sunlight casts shadows on the wall and floor.

While perusing Vitra’s extensive catalog of mid-century and contemporary furniture and accessories, the Rotterdam-based designer was particularly inspired by Danish designer Verner Panton. To coincide with the VitraHaus Loft unveiling, Marcelis reimagined the iconic Panton Chair Classic (1959) and Visiona Stool (1970), incorporating them into the installation and offering them in limited editions. Each version corresponds to the loft’s color scheme. Marcelis explains, “For the low cylindrical Visiona Stool – the pouf – we are offering very different types of upholstery finishes alongside the seven individual colors. This ranges from faux fur made from angora goat’s wool designed by Raf Simons to leather and everything in between.”

Modern room with two beige chairs, a wooden screen, potted plants, and a wall art piece on a neutral-toned floor.

Modern kitchen with red shelves and countertops, featuring glassware, decor items, and minimalistic furniture. A glass dining table is set with plates, and a trash can is visible on the floor.

Modern kitchen scene with a glass table, stainless steel pots, and plates arranged on top. A wireframe chair is positioned in the background.

Shadows and light fall on geometric shapes in varying shades of brown, pink, and white, creating a minimalist abstract composition.

Spacious modern office interior with a white desk, ergonomic chair, potted plant, yellow cabinets, and a large circular rug, featuring minimalistic design elements and wall art.

Christian Grosen, Vitra’s Chief Design Officer, championed Marcelis’s bold reinterpretations of Panton’s works. He highlights the timeless nature of Panton’s designs, stating, “The Panton Chair Classic echoes the 1960s and the innovative production techniques of the period that allowed its construction, and at the same time, it’s more relevant and present than ever – especially in Sabine Marcelis’s colors. The design is an interesting reflection of modern times – her colors change the perception of the chair – and makes us see it in a new way.”

Interior shot of long pitched roof space with yellow mirror on left and living space to the right and further off.

A key aspect of Marcelis’s successful vision in creating a homely environment within the VitraHaus Loft is her inclusion of artworks and design details outside the Vitra collection. Collaborations with artists like Maria Pratts, Johnny Mae Hauser, Carlijn Jacobs, and Berlin-based pattern designer Ehsan Morshed enhance the eclectic mix. Special edition printed bedsheets by Morshed will also be available for purchase.

A modern room with a large window, pink stone furniture, two pink textured chairs, a pink rug, a clock showing 16:51, and a view of a landscaped garden and sculptures outside.

Partial interior shot of a modern living space with 2 low pink chairs in front of a pink block table with large clock on floor and large window behind.

Grosen reflects on Marselis’ inclusive approach, stating, “An important part of the Vitra mindset is that we don’t see Vitra as the answer to everything; it’s in the collage with other objects that Vitra’s products come to life.”

Partial interior shot of a modern living space with 2 low pink chairs in front of a pink block table with large clock on floor and large window behind.

Woman with pulled back blonde hair in all black sitting at glass table look at camera with red and orange painting behind.

Sabine Marcelis in VitraHaus Loft

White warehouse with an array of colorful plastic chairs and several ottomans

Sabine Marcelis’ limited edition Panton Chair Classic range with Visiona Stools

Sabine Marcelis’ reimagined Panton Chair Classics are available in seven new colors, as is the Visiona Stool in seven fabric covers, at the VitraHaus on the Vitra Campus and at, with a limited release of both designs at just 50 pieces per cover material and color. The chair is only available in the United States through Friday, June 14th.

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Photography by Clemens Poloczek.

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