Q&A: Shiko Beauty Collective bridges the gap between J-Beauty brands and the US market

Q A Shiko Beauty Collective bridges the gap between J Beauty brands and the US market

The popularity of J-Beauty products in the US market continues to climb in 2024, with data insight firm Future Market Insights reporting a 5.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next decade. In the beauty space, e-retailer brand Shiko Beauty Collective stands as a pillar of innovation and cultural exchange, bridging the gap between the rich traditions of Japanese skin care and the diverse palette of the US market.

With an eye for exclusivity and a commitment to nurturing skin health, Shiko is working to bring a curated selection of J-Beauty brands to US consumers. In this Q&A, we interviewed Midori McGivern, Marketing Director of Shiko Beauty Collective, as she sheds light on what sets Shiko apart from other J-Beauty e-retailers, the meticulous curation process led by experts like Hinako Sugioka and the brand’s vision for cultural representation amidst emerging trends in the cosmetics market.

CDU: What makes Shiko unique in bringing exclusive J-Beauty brands to the US market?

Midori McGivern (MM)​: What makes Shiko unique is that we are the only platform that fills the gap between the latest Japanese skin care brands wanting to expand their business in the US and the US local beauty consumers demanding a more diverse portfolio. Mitsui, one of the largest conglomerates, is behind Shiko, so we possess the capacity to reach the local level in Japan.

Further, we are exclusively unique, as Dlab is our partner, too, so our team now consists of experts in beauty and skin care in Japan and the US.

We know some traditional Japanese cosmetic brands are operating here in the US, but US consumers demand more of what Japan can offer. Shiko has carefully chosen simple yet efficacious, unique brands and products to meet their needs and expectations: most of the brands we selected are established by medical doctors and scientists and skin experts to bring unique texture and visible results.

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