Q&A: Provital R&D Manager discusses 'cutting-edge' tech behind latest sustainable ingredient launch

Q A Provital R D Manager discusses cutting edge tech behind latest sustainable ingredient launch

Launched earlier this year, ingredients manufacturer Provital’s Shiloxome has been featured at MWSCC, In-Cosmetics Global, and most recently, at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day. The innovative ingredient utilizes cutting-edge endophyte-based biotechnology derived from cork oak trees to visibly combat signs of aging and protect the skin’s microbiome.

We interviewed David Manzano, R&D Manager at Provital S.A. for a comprehensive look at the R&D process behind the Triplobiome Technology used to develop Shiloxome and the potential impact of the ingredient’s launch on future cosmetic and personal care product formulations.

CDU: Can you share some brief background regarding your professional experience, Provital, and your relationship with the cosmetics and personal care product industries?

David Manzano (DM)​: My professional journey began with a passion for Biology, which led me to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Barcelona. Following this, I embarked on enriching postdoctoral stages at prestigious institutions such as the John Innes Centre in the UK, as well as various Spanish research institutions like CSIC and CRAG.

My research expertise spans diverse areas such as epigenetics and the regulation of plant metabolism to produce natural compounds with high-added value. Throughout my academic journey, I have contributed to several papers and book chapters in relevant peer-reviewed scientific journals and have presented my findings at national and international conferences. Transitioning into the private sector, I’ve had the privilege of leading dynamic teams focused on pioneering research initiatives across various sectors, with a particular focus on cosmetics.

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