Pune’s First Lift in Pune, India

The India Meteorological Department was headquartered in Pune from 1928 to 194 before moving to New Delhi.

The heritage main building was inaugurated in July 1928 by Sir Leslie Orme Wilson, the then Governor of Bombay (now Mumbai) in the presence of Mr. A. C. McWatters, a member of the Viceroy’s Council.

The lift is decorated in the main entrance hall with a beautiful, artistic cage-like structure. It’s made of wrought iron and lends a distinctive vintage charm to the lift. On the cage are symbols and emblems that give the lift character. It’s believed that this cage held Pune’s first lift.

Today, a more modern lift has been installed behind the artistic ironwork, but the cage remains the same giving the building a distinct sense of culture and history. 

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