Powerbroker Norcross Threatens NFL With Suit After He’s Removed From A Box Over Pro-Israel Flag At Eagles Game


New Jersey businessman and well-known Democrat George Norcross was removed from a Philadelphia Eagles game Sunday night after displaying a flag that combined the U.S. and Israel flags — and Norcross is now threatening to sue the NFL and team over the decision, according to multiple reports.

Key Facts

The flag appeared to be in violation of the field’s safety policies, which state that “signs, banners or similar items that are obscene or indecent, not event-related (and) potentially offensive to other patrons” are prohibited, and that signs are not to “be hung on the stadium structure.”

In a statement, Norcross said he is considering suing the NFL and Eagles and he “urge(d) other supporters of Israel to make their feelings known to the team and the NFL just as they have to universities like Penn and Harvard,” Politico reported.

Forbes has reached out to the Eagles for comment (the NFL declined to comment and directed questions to the Eagles).

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“I have watched the Eagles/NFL make clear and strong statements on numerous important civil justice issues and ethnic and world conflicts, including supporting the people of Ukraine, so as a strong supporter of Israel — a country which was viciously attacked by the terrorist group Hamas less than a month ago — I thought it was an important statement to make,” Norcross said in the statement, according to Politico.

Surprising Fact

Republican Presidential candidate and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was reportedly in the box with Norcross’ at the Eagles game, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. In video footage of Norcross being escorted out, it appears Christie is sitting next to him in the box.

Key Background

Though he never held office, Norcross was a prominent Democrat in the New Jersey area for decades, but announced in May he was stepping away from politics. Norcross worked as an insurance executive, but was also a Democratic powerbroker who was recognized as “the state’s most feared and potent unelected politician,” according to the New York Times. Norcross blurred party lines in terms of who he worked with and considered friends, spending time with former House speaker Nancy Pelosi and making an appearance with former President Barack Obama, while also serving as a “key ally” for Christie when he was governor and being a member at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, according to Politico. But Norcross’ sway in New Jersey declined in recent years, something solidified by a friend of Norcross’ and then-Senate President Steve Sweeney losing reelection to a MAGA Republican in 2021, Politico reported. Norcross now spends most of his time in Florida, but continues to work on business endeavors in New Jersey, according to the New York Times. His threat of a lawsuit is just one of many examples of escalated tensions across the country regarding the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Since the war escalated on October 7 when Hamas attacked Israel, politicians and celebrities have weighed in on the conflict, with many showing unwavering support for Israel and condemning actions by students at major universities supporting Palestinian territories and calling for a ceasefire.

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