Play Social Games, Earn Crypto Rewards: Solana Gaming App 'Cupcake' Launches

B+J Studios launched its new social rewards program for its online gaming app Cupcake on the Solana blockchain on Tuesday, billing the web-based experience as a fun and engaging potentially entry point into the world of cryptocurrency.

Using a feed format similar to TikTok, Cupcake features mini-games inspired by crypto culture and memes and includes games like Would You Rather, Caption This, and Two Truths and a Lie to earn rewards. B+J Studios is billing Cupcake as a “CultureFi” (or “culture finance”) app, following in the footsteps of such trends as GameFi and SocialFi.

“Cupcake’s approachable social games create a new way to celebrate, understand, and onboard to the pace of innovation in crypto,” Cupcake CEO Chris Liquin told Decrypt. “Our rolling feed of ephemeral games lets users see and experience the trending cultural moment of the week, have an active role in the trend, and earn prizes and rewards for high engagement.”

In the play-to-earn game, B+J Studios said, Cupcake players collect “Proof of Cake” rewards—unique, cupcake-themed collectibles, with each coming in different tiers—and rewards including cash, tokens, merch, experiences, digital status, and access to special events.

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According to Liquin, the Cupcake web app will be playable on when it goes live today and will be available to a global audience. It’s targeted towards players who are scrolling on their smartphones, given the TikTok-like design.

While Liquin noted that the crypto builders are developing rich endemic culture that spans art, technology, music, memes, and fashion, the experience may feel gated behind “the chaos of Crypto Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.”

“Unless you’re glued to your keyboard on Crypto Twitter, you face an insurmountable learning curve,” Liquin said.

Cupcake is designed to be an easier entry point to the crypto space—with Solana-based rewards, to boot. Joining B+J Studios in the Cupcake launch and providing content and rewards are The Nifty, Cube, the Moutai meme coin, SolCasino, and BONK.

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Image: Cupcake

“Most people in the world don’t gamble—but they do share funny memes on social media, play social games with their friends, and enjoy a little friendly competition,” Liquin said. “Unlocking the value of crypto culture with familiar social experiences and using tokens as a new primitive to incentivize engagement and active attention is the CultureFi opportunity.”

Thanks to its low cost and speed, Solana has become an increasingly popular blockchain for launching video games, including space MMO Star Atlas, race-to-earn MixMob, and monster battle game Aurory. One such game with Solana-based assets, hero shooter Nyan Heroes, is reviving its pre-alpha demo servers starting Wednesday, May 8 for the second round of gameplay with play-to-airdrop rewards.

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