PCPC Sunscreen Showcase 2024: Innovations, regulations, and the future of US sun care

PCPC Sunscreen Showcase 2024 Innovations regulations and the future of US sun care

Recently, the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) hosted its Sunscreen Showcase in Washington, DC, to allow sunscreen manufacturers and suppliers to convene and discuss sun care and sun safety innovation. The event featured product exhibitions by leading brands in the space, including Beiersdorf, dsm-firmenich, Kenvue, and L’Oréal, as well as expert presentations covering the critical role of sun protection products in preventing skin cancer, current regulatory efforts in sunscreen, and the need for ongoing research and testing in sun protection.

To learn more about the event and its key takeaways, we interviewed Thomas Myers, President and CEO of the PCPC, for his insights.

About the event

The Sunscreen Showcase brought together sunscreen manufacturers and suppliers to showcase this critical product category and the impact to public health,” Myers began, “highlighting the need for advanced sunscreen formulations to fight skin cancer and protect public health.” With increasing numbers of US consumers across age, gender, and racial demographics taking a greater interest in sun protection products to protect skin health, the main focus of the Sunscreen Showcase reflected the current priorities of the cosmetic and personal care product industries as key stakeholders work to meet consumer demand better.

The event was particularly significant as “despite scientific advancements since Congress passed the Sunscreen Innovation Act a decade ago, the US still trails other countries in adopting new sunscreen filters,” said Myers. The Sunscreen Showcase, therefore, is a tangible representation of the industry’s work to “to close the gap and reduce skin cancer incidence through education and stronger collaboration among the medical community, government, advocates and the personal care products industry,” he explained.

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