Part 2: CEO's insights into sustainable PPE solutions for cosmetic manufacturing

Part 2 CEO s insights into sustainable PPE solutions for cosmetic manufacturing

In the first installment of CosmeticsDesign’s series exploring sustainable innovations in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) tailored for female employees within the cosmetic and personal care industries, we spoke with Beau Wangtrakuldee, PhD, the founder and CEO of AmorSui. Dr. Wangtrakuldee provided her perspectives on how her company is actively addressing the unique requirements of this demographic.

Building on this discussion, part two delved deeper into the sustainability aspect of this topic, featuring Julia Croddick, CEO of Glow Marketing Group. As a second-generation cosmetic manufacturer and product developer, Croddick offered a firsthand account of how the lack of sustainable PPE options can impact cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers and suppliers, and how industry stakeholders can prioritize the safety of their employees while also implementing eco-friendly practices. 

CDU: Can you elaborate on Glow’s mission and how it aligns with sustainable practices in the beauty and wellness industry?  

Julia Croddick (JC)​: Our mission is to find sustainable approaches to beauty and wellness from both a packaging and ingredient standpoint. The beauty industry is a slow adapter to change. We are constantly finding new ways to help push the industry in the sustainable direction, from reducing the use of plastics to finding better, more sustainable substitute ingredients for the environment.  

CDU: What inspired Glow to focus on working with brands that incorporate sustainability into their core values? 

JC​: It’s the new frontier and challenging from start to finish. With sustainable products you have to think about the product’s packaging and formula in its entire lifecycle, not just in its consumer state. The sustainable product has to survive the manufacturing process, then its consumer journey, and its afterlife.

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