On demand: Ingredient trends 2024 webinar

In a dynamic webinar that brought together diverse perspectives from industry giants to indie innovators, CosmeticsDesign delved into the current landscape of cosmetic formulation trends. With representatives from Mintel, Unilever, and Blissoma, the discussion covered data-driven insights, corporate innovation, and the holistic approach to beauty.

Mintel Principal Analyst: data-driven dynamics

Mintel Principal Analyst Clare Hennigan provided comprehensive market research with data-driven insights into consumer preferences and market trends. By analyzing consumer behavior and market dynamics, Hennigan illuminated emerging patterns and shifting preferences in the beauty industry. Her contribution offered a solid foundation for understanding the evolving needs of consumers and anticipating future trends in ingredient formulations.

Unilever Chief R&D Officer – Beauty and Wellbeing: corporate insights

Representing a global powerhouse in the beauty industry, Jason Harcup, Unilever Chief R&D Officer – Beauty and Wellbeing, offered a glimpse into the world of corporate innovation. With a focus on sustainability, efficacy, and consumer-centricity, Unilever’s approach to cosmetic formulation embodies cutting-edge research and development. By leveraging advanced technologies and sustainable practices, Unilever continues to shape the future of beauty on a global scale.

Blissoma Founder and Owner: indie holistic innovation

In contrast to corporate giants, Julie Longyear, Founder and Owner of Blissoma brought a unique perspective from the realm of indie holistic brands. With a commitment to sustainability and holistic wellness, Blissoma focuses on mindful beauty. Longyear’s emphasis on natural ingredients, ethical sourcing, and holistic formulations resonates with a growing segment of conscious consumers seeking authenticity and transparency in their skincare products.

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