Oatlands Ginkgo Tree in Leesburg, Virginia

Tucked between the historic buildings and gardens of Oatlands National Historic Landmark is a relic from the Industrial Revolution. It’s not a house or a pathway, or anything man-made. Instead, watching stoically over the park is a 200-year old ginkgo tree.

The tree, which has garnered a small online presence through daily “ginkgo cams,” is officially the third largest of its kind in the U.S.. According to Loudoun County, the tree measures in at 82 feet tall with a trunk circumference of a whopping 185 inches.

However, what may be even more impressive than this tree’s size is its age. The Oatlands Ginkgo is estimated to be around 200 years old, meaning it would have witnessed the soldiers setting up camp in Oatlands during the American Civil War.

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