No Tua Tagovailoa extension yet as Dolphins focus on draft, but they're happy with QB

It seems a bit odd to wonder if the Miami Dolphins are ready to move on at quarterback after Tua Tagovailoa led the NFL in passing yards and made a Pro Bowl at age 25.

But there is always skepticism about Tagovailoa, and there’s the matter of his looming contract extension.

Dolphins general manager Chris Grier was asked about Tagovailoa and the Dolphins’ plans at quarterback as they head into the draft. He put to rest the idea that the Dolphins could take a quarterback in the first round and practically start over at the position.

“I would say that’s not a position we’re looking at in the first round,” Grier said, via David Furones of the Sun Sentinel. “We’re very happy with Tua.”

Miami should be happy with Tagovailoa after his breakout season. But it gets complicated when it comes to the contract extension.

Dolphins, Tua Tagovailoa talking extension

The Dolphins are working on an extension and talks have been ongoing, Grier said. Grier said the talks between the two sides have been “good.”

It’s still a big investment. Recent quarterback deals have been in the range of $45-55 million per season, and Tagovailoa should be shooting high after throwing for 4,624 yards with 29 touchdowns and a 101.1 passer rating last season. Tagovailoa was in the MVP conversation for a while. The Dolphins had a great offense and made the playoffs.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) is in line for a contract extension. (Getty Images)Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) is in line for a contract extension. (Getty Images)

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) is in line for a contract extension. (Getty Images)

There’s still the issue of Tagovailoa’s injury history, which included multiple concussions in 2022. There is also the notion that Tagovailoa is more of a product of the Dolphins’ environment, which includes elite receivers Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, a very good running game and a good offensive coach in Mike McDaniel. If that’s the case, drafting another quarterback and restarting the salary clock would make some sense. The Dolphins have some high-priced players and need to think about potential extensions for young players like Waddle and edge rusher Jaelan Phillips, whose fifth-year options on their rookie contracts will be exercised according to Grier.

The Dolphins might draft a quarterback but it would be a developmental player beyond the first round, Grier said.

Dolphins happy with Tagovailoa

The Dolphins are focusing on the draft right now and then will concentrate on Tagovailoa’s extension, Grier said.

“When it happens, it happens,” Grier said, via the Miami Herald.

At some point, a team will balk at the high price for a quarterback and go another route. The Chicago Bears did by trading Justin Fields this offseason, though the Bears were in the unique position of having the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft and the chance to take Caleb Williams.

The Dolphins don’t appear to be the team that wants to take that risk. There was no indication the Dolphins are wavering on Tagovailoa’s future with the team. It’ll be a costly check if the two sides can agree to a deal, but Miami seems comfortable with that.

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