'My Husband Is Being A Whiney Baby About Lack Of Sex'

While the Scary Mommy Confessional sees plenty of venting about the lighter side of life — husbands farting loudly, for instance, or all the annoying small talk at sports games — there’s always a glimpse at the much harder moments, too. Like health issues, financial difficulties, and the deep exhaustion that comes from feeling like you have to be everyone’s mom (including your spouse and work colleagues). Read on for confessions about these things, plus rough mornings, career quandaries, bedroom struggles, and more.

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I’m pregnant and struggling and my husband is being a whiney baby about lack of sex

Confessional #61019928

I don’t want my daughter to be left behind by girls like I was

Confessional #61021198

My dad has cancer and I’m scared my kids will get him sick

Confessional #61877189

I wish my husband would put down his phone, it’s showing a bad example to our kid.

Confessional #61882763

My 14-year old daughter was diagnosed with anorexia and I feel like I’ve failed her.

Confessional #60981990

I have been snapping on my kids a lot lately and feel so bad after

Confessional #61989765

I hate my toddler in the mornings. And it’s only getting worse.

Confessional #69918726

Stop saying “sorry” about a divorce. Just listen. It could have saved their life to split!

Confessional #61991870

So tired of my MIL being so manipulative!

Confessional #61765542

It’s my birthday and I went to buy my own cake bc I knew no one else would

Confessional #61571661

I’m a single mom working 3 jobs. I just want to cuddle my kids.

Confessional #61726771

Having more kids than another mom doesn’t make you better than her.

Confessional #61543298

I am so f*cking tired of having to emotionally regulate children and adults at home and work

Confessional #61551543

In the hospital post unplanned gallbladder surgery. Glad my husband has to manage kids.

Confessional #61989776

I’m ready for a 3rd kid but I’m afraid it’ll get in the way of getting tenure

Confessional #61881767

How do people keep their houses clean? It’s endless and the mess is driving me insane!

Confessional #61989811

I feel like I’m stuck in a rut in life, marriage, motherhood and I don’t know how to get out of it

Confessional #61987108

My husband didn’t do anything for my birthday this month and I’m having a hard time letting it go.

Confessional #61861928

Secretly happy my son wasn’t feeling good this morning. Needed a day off. Burnt out teacher.

Confessional #61009871

My husband is depressed, quit his job and now everything truly is all on me to figure out

Confessional #61998716

Tired from all the parenting advice coming from everywhere

Confessional #66172769

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