'Moonray' Begins Play-to-Airdrop Push Alongside Epic Games Store Launch

Sci-fi arena combat game Moonray has launched its play-to-airdrop campaign, with successful participants eligible to receive the project’s native token once it launches, barring regional restrictions. This comes amid the game’s Epic Games Store debut. 

Every day, players are given the challenge to place in the top half of five games, and completing this will help you progress further through the airdrop campaign—in a similar style to the popular battle pass system from Fortnite and other games. On top of this, gamers will earn a “considerable bonus” based on where they place among the top 1,000 players overall.

To enhance the chances of winning, users can participate in weekly social challenges that will earn the player additional credit towards the airdrop. By doing this, you’ll also be entered a number of times into a raffle to win a high-end gaming PC

Owners of Moonray’s Foundation NFT—released on Ethereum in 2022—will also receive airdrop bonuses with a “future bonus that is yet to be announced.” Anyone can register now to participate for free.

Once the campaign is over, successful participants will receive MNRY tokens which will be used to “enhance” the game. There is currently no date set for when the campaign will end. In a tweet thread, Moonray’s developers noted that U.S. residents are not eligible for the token drop—which is true of many airdrops, typically due to regulatory concerns.

The play-to-airdrop push comes as the game launches onto the Epic Games Store, putting the game in front of a user base of 75 million monthly active players.

It appears to be an emerging trend that crypto games launching on the store will launch a play-to-airdrop campaign alongside it, after BloodLoop and Nyan Heroes recently did the same. The latter game, a cat-filled riff on hero shooters like Overwatch, reportedly reached the top 30 games on the store with over 200,000 downloads.

Moonray has been around for some time. Back in 2021, Decrypt wrote about the game, which was being built on Bitcoin layer-2 network Stacks. However, in a recent Twitter post the team confirmed that MNRY will be an ERC-20 token—an Ethereum token standard. 

Decrypt’s GG reached out to Moonray co-founder Rodrigo Etcheto to clarify the game’s blockchain plans and whether it’s still involved with Stacks, but did not immediately receive a response.

Back in late 2021, the game had much more focus on the concept of the metaverse and leaned into role-playing elements while remaining an action fighting game. This might have been a sign of the times, however, as metaverse buzz was hot at the time following’s Facebook’s rebranding and metaverse push.

Now, the game brands itself as a multiplayer competitive combat arena game set in a “post-human” world. But at its heart, it looks like the same game. Players hack, slash, and counter their way through the fast-paced battle ground with huge swords, futuristic weapons, and various powers.

The Moonray franchise has also been expanded recently with a pair of graphic novels from writer Brandon Graham and artist Xurxo G. Penalta, published by Living the Line.

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