Mom Wasn't Prepared For The Sadness She Felt After Her Son Turned 10

There’s something about double-digits that changes things, and Jasmin Loraine is working through how to process. So she turned to TikTok to ask other moms if they also felt super emotional when their kids turned 10.

“No one told me how serious the tears were gonna come once my kid hit 10. I feel like I’m going through like, a midlife crisis,” she said.

“I know it seems so silly, but my son turned 10, and it’s like my whole world is just giving me like flashbacks like the movie, and I just want to know if there’s other moms out there who struggle with this and crying like a baby on and off for a whole week,” she added.

She goes on to say that she’s a nurturing, loving, and cuddly kind of mom, so when her son started entering the tween world, she expressed that she was struggling with the transition.

“I know that realistically, once you’re 10 you’re just hitting that curveball of about to be a preteen and then a teenager, and then I just never thought I would cry this much. Are there any other moms who are struggling with this or have struggled?” she asked.

Loraine admits that she is already starting to feel a shift, “like something is starting to rip away” from her, noting that she feels silly for being emotional since she and her son are still close.

“I just know it’s gonna come one day and I just, I have no one else to talk to,” she says before revealing that she and her husband are going through a separation after 10 years of marriage.

She continued, “None of my friends are moms. They don’t understand anything that I’m going through. So, I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to right now, but I think I held it together so well this weekend that now I’m bawling like a baby today.”

“I’m probably embarrassing myself on social media. Can anyone just tell me if it gets better? Or am I gonna be crying all week?”

Thousands of other parents commented on Loraine’s video. They assured her that this type of emotion is normal and shared their own experiences with the bittersweet feeling of kids growing up.

“I struggle all the time with my kids growing up, I can literally feel my heart breaking 😭” one user said.

“Okay same so I’m not alone in this feeling then. I didn’t wanna come off as some ridiculous mom lol but man I’m hurting,” the OP replied.

Another mom noted, “my daughter is 13. I am a messssss I miss her she doesn’t want to be hugged”

“Same here my 10 yr old behaves like a teenager..everything I say causes an eye roll and doesn’t have hugs and kisses from mom anymore 💔😞,” another mom admitted.

Another echoed, “Mine is turning 8 and I feel this already.. he has changed so much in the last year it breaks my heart daily 😭😭”

One mom wrote, “They want to be with their friends more. They stay in their room more. I cry more than I say.”

Watching your kids grow up before your very eyes is not for the faint of heart. There’s a reason why we’re always looking back at old videos and photos of our kids who had little voices and tiny feet. We just want to remember that time when they needed us and “mom and dad” were their entire world.

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