Mom Goes Off On Her Daughter's School After A Dress Code Violation

A mom is going off on her daughter’s school after the administration sent her daughter home for a dress code violation.

TikTok mom Shasty Leah gave her daughter’s school a piece of her mind in a now-viral video after receiving a call that her daughter would be sent home due to her outfit which was “distracting to the boys.”

Shasty describes her daughter’s outfit as a brown t-shirt with a rounded neck paired with some Halara black jeggings. The jeggings include pockets in the front and back, to give the appearance of denim blue jeans.

Despite giving her a description of her daughter’s outfit, whatever she was wearing at school should not matter within reason. Why are we punishing girls for the lack of control of boys?

“Two hours before school gets out, she’s being sent home for school violations because her outfit is distracting to the boys. This is not an attempt to ban sex. It’s 2024, and we’re still teaching the boys that girls are their sexual play toys,” she says.

“‘If you dress like that, you’re setting yourself up to be raped,’ she imitates, citing archaic rhetoric clearly still being taught in some schools.

“We’re not teaching the boys: You don’t have a right to put your hands on any girl. You don’t have a right to call her anything outside her God-given name, and you don’t have a right to think that she is your sexual object. We’re not teaching the boys that. No.”

She continued: “If dress code violations were really a thing, and we were really concerned about that, cheerleading uniforms would not be as such. The volleyball uniforms would not just be practically under-f**king-wear. You hear me? So y’all have to save that sh*t for somebody else, because I’m not going to be the one.”

Shasty went on to say that, in her house, her daughter is allowed to fight back if she feels harassed by a male classmate, or any man for that matter.

She continued, “It is 2024. If your son speaks to my daughter in a sexual manner, she has permission to punch him in his mouth. …If he ever touches her, she has permission to put his junk up in his throat. She does, and I will celebrate with her. And if mom and daddy have a problem with that, look me up. Come on over. We can have tea together. Spicy tea. It’s 2024. We’ve got to do better as a society.”

Please, keep ranting forever, Shasty.

Shasty just cannot seem to understand how a school, in this day and age, would prioritize a male student’s focus or a female student’s right to an education.

“As long as my child’s parts aren’t hanging out or showing or take a risk at falling out and showing, I don’t know why the f**k it matters what she wears. Your boys’ sexual thoughts are more important than my daughter’s education. What kind of bullshit is that?” she asked.

To curb anyone who may come at her for now understanding the adolescent experiences of young boys, she reveals her stacked resume.

“I have four boys ages 29 to 15. They were taught the same thing: Don’t sexualize women,” she says. “They were taught the same thing, and you would think while the moms and daddies out there teaching their kids to play football and baseball and basketball, fish, hunt, all the fun things, maybe you could teach in gaming … maybe teach them how not to be little s**ts. Be men.”

In a follow-up video, she tries on the outfit that her daughter wore to school the day she was sent home, pointing out that even some of the teachers at the school wear similar style clothing.

Shasty received an outpouring of support for her frustrating situation.

“GO to the school board! There’s nothing wrong with that outfit,” one user wrote.

“I’m a teacher. I see nothing wrong with that outfit,” another said.

One user said, “I would immediately request a meeting with the principal.”

“This happened to me when I was in high school. Because I filled out the top. Schools are focused on the wrong things,” another said.

This is not the first time, by far, that dress codes have come under fire for being sexist — and for harming girls (especially girls that have certain body types). Study after study has found that dress codes punish vastly more girls than boys (90% of dress code violations involve female clothing styles) and that they punish vastly more non-white kids, too. And yet over nine out of ten schools in the U.S. have and enforce dress codes.

Shasty is right: it should stop.

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