Mintel report reveals 9% increase in 2023 US soap, bath & shower product sales

Mintel report reveals 9 increase in 2023 US soap bath shower product sales

According to a recently released Mintel report, US soap, bath, and shower product retail sales are estimated to have increased by 9% in 2023 from 2022. The trend, the report has revealed, can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the “benefit claims of cold showers and plunges,” a growing preference by male consumers of all generators for “for men” products, and an increasingly prevalent belief that “gentle cleansing is non-negotiable,” according to Mintel’s press release regarding the report.

To learn more about Mintel’s findings on current US trends in soap, bath, and shower products, we spoke to Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel, for her insights.

Understanding the current landscape

Li began by noting that “this increase in retail sales for soap, bath, and shower products is largely driven by consumer interest in skin health and self-care rituals.” She further explained that “as cleansing has become incorporated into broader beauty and health routines in consumers’ mindsets, brands have met this shift with expanded benefits,” which include, for example, “ingredients that address specific skin concerns such as rosacea and acne, gentle formulas, and aromatherapy experiences.

Li further noted that “consumers are becoming more experimental and open to nontraditional innovations thanks in part to the rise of personal hygiene influencers and trends.” For example, she illustrated, “TikTok communities such as ‘ShowerTok’ have popularized unique exfoliation tools and cleansing steps, driving consumer curiosity and adoption of innovative products.'”

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