Liechtenstein Postal Museum in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Postal Museum

For decades, visiting Liechtenstein has been treated as a novelty. This tiny principality is the sixth smallest sovereign state in the world, having been ruled by the reigning family since the 18th century. Until the country’s entrance into manufacturing in the mid-1900s, Liechtenstein didn’t have much commerce to speak of.

To fix this issue there was special emphasis placed on its high-quality stamps, as it does today. At the Liechtenstein Postal Museum, philatelists can marvel at the artistry of stamps from this scenic stretch of the Rhine, which features nature scenes, local landmarks, important historical figures, and more, most of which have been painted by native artists.

The Postal Museum is a part of the overall National Museum, located just a few buildings away. Visitors to the museum can view hundreds of pullout drawers filled with every stamp the country has issued dating back to 1912 when they first began printing stamps.

Also on display are examples of equipment used in the making of stamps, as well as an original postman’s uniform and bicycle. There is a space for temporary exhibitions and a gift shop selling sheets of Liechtenstein stamps alongside other branded tchotchkes. Best of all, the museum is completely free.

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