Last Chance Module Array in Last Chance, Colorado


The Last Chance Module Array was an art project created by M12 Studios in 2015. This is how M12 Studio describes it: “Alone in the landscape, it appears newly built or, just as easily, to have always been there, disintegrating over decades.”

The installation is designed to align with the horizon, and lines up perfectly with the rising and setting sun during the summer and winter solstices. M12 studios states that the “design of the structures is expressive of farm and prairie architecture like barns and other farm structures.”

Even when it isn’t the solstice it is a beautiful sculpture in the middle of nowhere. There is no sign or even a path to get to the sculpture, but you can see it on the east side of the street. You’ll need to walk up a small hill and then through grasslands to get to the sculpture.

There is very little else around in Last Chance, Colorado, so there’s a part of this whole adventure that feels like one has come upon this hidden art creation that no one else knows about. 

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