Kier and Morgan Sindall scoop multiple lots on £1.3bn healthcare framework

Kier and Morgan Sindall have been named on three lots in a new framework focusing on decarbonisation in the healthcare sector.

The tier one firms were both named on lots two, three and four of the £1.3bn work package, which will include the replacement of inefficient glazing and the installation of renewable energy sources in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Contractors winning work on lot one include CN100 firms Briggs & Forrester, EW Beard, Graham, RG Carter and Seddon.

The healthcare decarbonisation framework, which is being run by Pagabo, could also include work to install specialist heating, cooling and ventilation systems, fabric upgrades, and the installation of energy-saving lighting.

The four lots are arranged by the value of work they offer. Lot one will be for jobs worth up to £1m, lot two for work valued at £1m to £5m, lot three is for work worth between £5m and £15m, and the fourth is for any jobs worth above £15m.

Each lot is then split into 12 sub-lots, with each one focusing on a region of the UK.

Kier scooped nine sub-lots on lot two, while Morgan Sindall took 10 on the same lot. On lots three and four, they both took 11 sub-lots.

Willmott Dixon, ISG and Tilbury Douglas were also named on lots three and four.

Pagabo chief procurement officer Jason Stapley said: “Decarbonisation schemes are a common focus across the healthcare industry and its many estates at present, so this framework makes compliant access to specialist, experienced contractors as easy as possible.”

He added that 29 SMEs had been named on the framework, which “demonstrates our commitment to creating opportunity and increasing competition”.

See the full list of firms on the framework here.

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