Kenvue presents research data from 22 new clinical studies at company’s first AAD meeting

Kenvue presents research data from 22 new clinical studies at AAD 2024

At last week’s American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Association Annual Meeting, consumer health company Kenvue, Inc., which includes brands like Neutrogena and Aveeno, showcased 22 new sets of clinical data which contribute “to the advancement of everyday skin care,” said a Kenvue press release.

“In findings from the 22 data sets detailing new Kenvue skin science research,” the release continued, “industry experts [presented] evidence confirming the clinical effectiveness of Neutrogena and Aveeno formulations in moisturizing skin, improving skin barrier, protecting against UVA sun damage, and rapidly reducing facial acne.”

Studies and findings on oat-containing moisturizers  

As confirmed by Kenvue’s press release, six new clinical studies presented at last week’s AAD Annual meeting confirmed that “Kenvue investigators found that oat-containing moisturizers developed by Aveeno and Neutrogena scientists made the skin’s microbiome more resilient in a variety of populations,” which included “young children predisposed to eczema, women with dry skin, adults with mild to moderate eczema, and adults receiving immunobiological treatment for psoriasis.”

In one of these studies, authored by Insel RA, et al., researchers investigated colloidal oatmeal as a topical ingredient to prevent and treat dry, itchy skin. They determined that the infant skin microbiome is associated with a decreased risk of atopic dermatitis, stated a separate Kenvue press release​.

In the study, “to explore a potential prevention strategy, investigators recommended the twice daily application of an oat- and glycerin-containing emollient to children in this population from birth through the age of eight weeks.”

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