Jons Kapel (Jon's Chapel) in Hasle, Denmark

A 10-minute drive from the coastal city of Allinge will lead you to one of Bornholm’s most unique geological wonders: Jons Church, a towering, 22-meter-tall free-standing rock. Within this rock lies a small cave known as Jon’s Chapel, named after the monk Jon who, according to local legend, was sent to Bornholm with the mission of spreading Christianity.

Each day, he would preach from inside his cave, gradually attracting curious locals. Jon became so popular that he eventually moved his sermons outside to accommodate everyone.

Further south along the coast, three additional caves can be found: Jon’s bedroom, dining room, and sacristy, which, according to the legend, were his dwelling places.

Reaching Jons Chapel involves a short hike and descent down a steep staircase with approximately 172 steps. The hike is an integral part of the experience, offering a panoramic view of both Jon’s Chapel and the surrounding steep cliffs synonymous with Northern Bornholm.

Know Before You Go

There are many ways to reach the chapel, the easiest being the hike from the parking area at Jons Kapelvej 4. A longer hike from either Allinge, Sandvig, Vang, or Hasle, along the coastal pathway, is highly recommended, as it is the best way to experience the rough terrain of Northern Bornholm. You can see the route here.

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