Jonathan Majors breaks up a fight between two high school girls at Hollywood In-N-Out

Jonathan Majors recently stepped in to stop a fight between two high school girls at the Hollywood In-N-Out on Sunset Boulevard.

The conflict took place Monday at the burger chain that is just across the street from Hollywood High School, TMZ reported.

When asked by a videographer if he was “just trying to be a helpful guy,” Majors said, “Yeah.” He also noted that he didn’t know either of the people involved in the brawl, saying, “[It was] a school fight, I saw it. That’s all.” Majors clarified that he just wanted to make sure nobody got hurt.

After having some time to reflect on what he called a “schoolyard fight,” the “Creed III” star had a message for those involved in the skirmish: “Stay cool.”

The incident occurred less than a week after Majors’ New York trial for misdemeanor assault and harassment charges was postponed for a second time. The delay came after his attorneys said they found “deficiencies” in the prosecutor certificate of compliance.

The “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” actor was arrested in Manhattan in March after he dialed 911 following an alleged domestic dispute with a 30-year-old woman. The accuser alleged that Majors struck her on the face with an open hand, cutting her ear, and grabbed her hand. The woman also accused Majors of pushing her into a vehicle, causing her to fall backward during the altercation.

She was treated at a hospital for minor injuries to her head and neck, according to police.

Following the 34-year-old actor’s arrest, his career appeared to take a hit. He reportedly has been dropped by his publicity and management firms and cut from several prospective film projects and advertising campaigns.

In June, a Rolling Stone report alleged that Majors physically and emotionally abused a previous girlfriend and emotionally abused another former partner around the time he was a student at Yale University’s drama school. The report also alleged he had behaved aggressively toward drama school classmates as well as crew members on film sets.

Majors’ attorney Dustin A. Pusch denied the allegations and said the Rolling Stone report, which said it relied on statements from more than 40 individuals who were close to or familiar with Majors, was based “entirely on hearsay” with “seriously flawed” sourcing.

Times staff writer Jonah Valdez contributed to this report.

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