Inscriptions on the Pavement of Huertas Street in Madrid, Spain

Inscriptions on the Pavement of Huertas Street

El Barrio de Las Letras is located in the center of Madrid and is considered one of the most important locations in the city from a literary perspective. Some of Spain’s most respected writers lived in the area, from Lope de Vega and Miguel de Cervantes to Federico García Lorca. 

To celebrate, the Madrid town hall included several famous quotes from said writers on the pavement of Calle Huertas. The inscriptions have letters made of brass and are embedded in the pavement. The state of conservation is optimal, albeit it must be said that Huertas Street is pedestrianized, so their wear is not excessive.

Calle Huertas is a mixture of an urban semi-promenade with trees, old convents, old legends, the Spanish Golden Age of writing, and above all, golden letters of the quotes on the ground that make you feel as if you were walking through open books.

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