Industry still using too much low-value vs high-value plastic, says Pact Collective chief

Pact Collective Executive Director shares key takeaways from 2023 Impact Report

In a bid to tackle the beauty industry’s mounting packaging waste, the beauty industry non-profit Pact Collective continues to lead efforts in the beauty industry’s journey towards sustainable packaging practices with the recent release of its 2023 Impact Report. From addressing the prevalence of #7 plastics to forging new partnerships with major beauty retailers, Pact’s initiatives aim to foster collaboration across the industry and drive long-term sustainability impacts.

In this exclusive CosmeticsDesign Q&A, we spoke to Carly Snider, Executive Director of Pact Collective, who shared key insights from the Report, which highlights pivotal developments and challenges in Pact’s pursuit of circularity, including the organization’s strategic evolution and priorities, and offers valuable perspectives on their ongoing efforts.

CDU: Can you share some insights into Pact Collective’s mission and how it has evolved since its inception?​ 

Carly Snider (CS)​: Pact’s mission is to unite the beauty industry to take responsibility for our industry packaging waste and work together to move towards circularity. Pact’s focus for 2023 was maximizing our impact.

We rolled out a collection program requirement for Activator members in an effort to increase the volume of hard-to-recycle beauty empties we divert from landfill. This will help us ensure all Pact members are taking action through a unified program with consistent messaging that enables us to collect more material and find better end markets for it.

We also shifted our education approach to rely more heavily on the data collected through our programs. We are convinced that by gaining a better understanding of our packaging waste, we can make more informed decisions about our packaging. 

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