In-Cos booth visit: Vantage VP discusses data-backed concept behind product formulation innovations

During this year’s In-Cosmetics Global show, we swung by the Vantage Specialty Chemicals booth for a quick tour with Beto Peno, the company’s Vice President of Product Innovation & Technical Marketing. During our visit, we took a dynamic look at Vantage’s unique and data-driven approach to its formulation exhibition. 

At the Vantage booth this year, the company utilized a consumer market research survey to develop different stations for each of its featured product formulations. The stations, which were broken down by age demographic, were informed by the consumer market research survey results and reflected the top concerns from each age demographic. Spanning from Generation Alpha through the Baby Boomers, Vantage’s featured product formulations included a gentle baby wash, a protective under eye serum, and a nourishing lotion. 

Vantage conducted a 2,000 person survey to check the concepts behind its formulation prototypes with real users, and the data collected from the survey served to validate its ingredient formulations. In addition to shaping the booth’s exhibits, the data also was used to inform how the company’s products meet some of this year’s dominant trends, including ingredient efficacy and product multifunctionalism. 

While Vantage maintains a product catalogue of over 1,200 ingredients, options like Jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid were carefully selected to meet specific consumer needs for product efficacy. For example, the company exhibited a 3-in-1 serum designed to address wrinkles and fine lines that treats existing wrinkles and helps to prevent additional lines from developing in delicate skin areas. 

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