'I Have A Crush On My Toddler's Friend's Dad'

This week in the Scary Mommy Confessional, we hear about not one but two secret crushes—plus the usual wide range of other issues on people’s minds. Bad bosses? Check. Difficult mothers (who become difficult MILs)? Check. Divorce, annoying husbands, and chewing that drives you crazy? Check, check, annnnnd check. Read on for the full roundup.

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So tired of working so damn hard and not getting a promotion

Confessional #37182772

I wish my ex husband would just give me full custody of our child

Confessional #31781922

I’m scared I’ll regret not having a second kid for the rest of my life.

Confessional #31828819

I don’t actually want to go back to work but I have no choice.

Confessional #31676632

My children’s chewing may send me over the edge

Confessional #31728191

I love my mom but I don’t like her. She is THAT mil and it’s horrible.

Confessional #37182737

I have a crush on a guy at work.

Confessional #33172873

Being a SAHM is driving me nuts

Confessional #31676381

I’m scared that divorce might be the answer.

Confessional #36172889

9 months pregnant and so annoyed at my husband

Confessional #31271829

Gestational Diabetes would be easier if DH would stop blaming my “choices” for having it

Confessional #31029381

Facing mom discrimination at work and it SUCKS

Confessional #31728199

My kids are at sleep away camp and I don’t miss them at all.

Confessional #33128191

I feel like my boss has ruined my confidence in my career.

Confessional #37182992

I have a crush on my toddler’s friend’s dad!

Confessional #37182991

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