How Sweet Chemistry and Xylyx Bio are transforming skin care with Matrikynes tech

How Sweet Chemistry and Xylyx Bio are transforming skin care with Matrikynes tech

New to the market, Sweet Chemistry is reshaping skin care and making a significant impact beyond anti-aging treatments. Founded through a collaboration with Xylyx Bio, Sweet Chemistry is on a mission to save lives using cutting-edge regenerative technology.

We interviewed Alec Batis, CEO & Co-Founder of Sweet Chemistry and Dr. John O’Neill, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Xylyx Bio and Co-Founder of Sweet Chemistry for their insights into how their proprietary Matrikynes Extracellular Matrix MultiPeptide technology, initially developed for human organ regeneration, is now being applied in skin care. Throughout our discussion, they provide an in-depth look at their innovative work which sits at the intersection of regenerative medicine and advanced cosmetic science.

CDU: What specific market need or gap in the skin care industry inspired the collaboration between Sweet Chemistry and Xylyx Bio?

Alec Batis (AB)​: There were two needs in the skin care industry that inspired the formation of Sweet Chemistry – formulation integrity and advanced repair technology.  

On the beauty industry side, I had been both R&D/Claims/QC Chemist and head Marketer for and on brands such as Pfizer/L’Oreal Group/Redken/Kiehl’s, Shiseido/NARS, and Victoria’s Secret Beauty – and intimately knew about the use of “marketing levels” for ingredient “stories.” I had both formulated using them, as well as briefed R&D as a marketer to use them. I was convinced that in the modern day of transparency, there is no place for them, so I concepted emulsions with less water to make room for functional levels of actives and minimum concentrations of botanical extracts/oils.  

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