House v. NCAA settlement heats up, more drama at Colorado and the worst Kentucky Derby names

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On today’s show, Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger, and SI’s Pat Forde dive deep on the latest update for the House v. NCAA case. Dellenger provides the most recent details from the settlement, as negotiations heat up.

During this discussion, they analyze what this would mean for college football revenue sharing and how athletic programs will need to downsize to continue to fund their football programs.

Later, they shift their focus to the current drama surrounding Colorado football and the Sanders family. They share thoughts on Colorado’s spring game, and eventually recount the comments being made by former players who were pushed out of the program.

With the Kentucky Derby around the corner, they wrap the show with Forde’s list of worst horse names in the history of the event.

0:51 House v. NCAA Settlement heats up

45:37 Colorado Twitter beef

58:03 The worst Kentucky Derby names ever

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