Hierophany and Hedge in Covington, Kentucky

Square in the middle of an otherwise unassuming street in Covington, this magic shop is not what might typically come to mind. Hierophany and Hedge does not peddle tricks or pranks—they’re purveyors of the peculiar and the impossible. Here you will find herbs and aromatics for your potions, cards and runes for reading your fate, and a grand selection of grimoires to guide you through whatever worlds you wish to travel.

The shop’s keepers, Augur and Coil, are both masters of their craft, and the true magic of H&H is found in immersion and attention to detail. From the polished wood storefront to the Ptolomaic-era mummified falcon, from the brass orrery to the tiny zoetrope, even down to the carefully wrapped and wax-sealed packages you’ll leave the store with, nothing within these walls breaks illusion or kayfabe. From entrance to exit, the magic is maintained and lingers for a while after.

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