Gen Z and Millennials drive surge in sun protection market with focus on anti-aging

Gen Z and Millennials drive surge in sun protection market with focus on anti aging

A recent Mintel report has revealed that “over a third (35%) of Gen Z consumers and almost half (47%) of Millennial consumers, who are using more skin protection than last year, are more concerned about aging than they were a year ago.” This data reflects more significant trends in the US sun protection market, which, as market research firm Statista reports, is currently “experiencing a surge in demand for natural and eco-friendly sunscreen products.”

The Mintel report further details that “three-quarters of Millennials (74%) and two-thirds of Gen Z (64%) trust traditional sunscreen over new beauty and personal care (BPC) products with SPF integrated into them,” and “almost half (48%) of US consumers, aged 18+, said that they use makeup products with SPF in them daily.”

To learn more about the shifting dynamics of the relationship between younger US consumers and the sun protection market sector, we spoke with Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel, for her insights and takeaways from the report.

Key drivers

“The increased interest and usage of sun care and skin care products, specifically among younger generations, can be largely attributed to heightened awareness of the long-term impacts of sun exposure and a broader understanding of skin care health,” Li began.

Awareness has continued to become more pervasive and understanding of skin care health concerns has become more mainstream, mainly due to “social media and influencer marketing,” she explained, which “have played pivotal roles in educating these demographics, making sun protection part of a holistic approach to wellness and self-care.”

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