‘Gemz’ Daily Combo Guide: How to Earn 5 Million Free Coins in the Telegram Game

Telegram crypto games are popping up left and right, and Gemz is a rising game that puts a slight spin on the Hamster Kombat formula—only here you’re running a crypto mining operation as a cartoon sloth rather than a crypto exchange as a fuzzy hamster.

Even with that vibe shift, Gemz will feel incredibly familiar to Hamster Kombat players. And along with replicating much of the core functionality, it has also essentially cut-and-paste that game’s daily combo feature, which lets you claim 5 million tokens for completing a certain set of upgrades.

Ready to claim your haul of tokens in Gemz? Here’s what you need to know.

What is the daily combo?

The Gemz daily combo offers players a huge bounty of free tokens each and every day if they complete one simple task: purchase or level-up three particular mining upgrades.

Tap the “Mine” button and you’ll find an array of upgrades to your mining operation that provide passive in-game income while you’re not tapping. They’re split into four categories: Gear, Workers, Services, and Specials. Each can be purchased with in-game coins and then upgraded to earn you even more passive income over time.

Screenshots from Telegram game Gemz. Image: Decrypt

Each day, the developers pick three of these upgrade cards from across the entire inventory—and if you either purchase or level-up those specific cards during the 24-hour span for that combo, then you’ll immediately get 5 million coins. Easy as that.

How do I learn the latest daily combo?

How do you find the current combo? Just like in Hamster Kombat, the developers of Gemz don’t share this information themselves. If you have a bunch of coins, then you could potentially just buy or level up a bunch of random cards and see if you happen upon the winning combo. That’s one haphazard strategy.

A much easier strategy, however, is simply to look it up on social media. Many accounts across Twitter (aka X) and other platforms share these daily combos pretty quickly after the daily turnover, and just a quick search on Twitter should locate the latest combo.

The daily combo changes each day at 8pm ET, as clearly noted in the game with a countdown until the next trio is set. We’ll help you out with today’s set, however, as of Sunday, June 23 ahead of the evening turnover: It’s Blockbuster Excavation, O2 Tank, and UX Designer.

gemz combo june23
Image: Decrypt

That’s a relatively easy one to get, as none of those cards require you to invite friends to unlock them, nor are they wildly expensive. Some daily combos are sure to be out of reach for newer or less dedicated players, but if you’re steadily playing Gemz, it’ll get easier and easier to secure the daily combo cash over time.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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