Garcia vs Haney LIVE: Latest fight updates and results tonight

Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney shake hands after ‘religion’ dispute

Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia will meet in a controversial fight this evening, with some fans and pundits arguing that the bout should have been called off.

Garcia’s behaviour out of the ring has raised concerns over his mental health, and the 25-year-old’s failed weigh-in on Friday only heightened beliefs that he may struggle badly against Haney.

Haney, also 25, went 3-3 against Garcia during the Americans’ amateur days, but the “Dream” has surged ahead of Garcia as a professional. The unbeaten Haney reigned as undisputed lightweight champion before vacating those belts late last year, and going on to take the WBC super-lightweight title from Regis Prograis in December.

That belt was due to be defended tonight, but Garcia’s three-pound weight miss has made him ineligible to win the gold. Per a bet made by Garcia, the would-be challenger must also pay Haney $500,000 for each pound overweight.

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Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

Garcia partially lands a left hook then misses with his next.


Garcia is going for the finish! Haney is holding on! Ohhhhh, no; Garcia is docked a point for punching on the break! How costly could that be??

But Haney is still wobbly! He hits the deck, but it’s ruled a slip! Garcia pours on more punches! Again Haney falls and it’s ruled a slip!

Music is playing, but there’s ONE minute left in the round! What is going on?

Alex Pattle21 April 2024 05:46


Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

Garcia unleashes hooks to the body then tags the champion repeatedly up top!

Haney appears to smile at Garcia, and not all of Ryan’s shots got through there, but it was still a concerning moment for the champion…

Garcia sidesteps a hook, and Haney almost goes through the ropes.

It gets messy, with Garcia warned for holding Haney’s head, after Haney is warned for hitting his opponent in the back – a result, admittedly, of Garcia’s odd Philly shell attempts.

More boos as Haney backs up Garcia but neither man throws.

Halfway through this fight.

Alex Pattle21 April 2024 05:42


Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

Haney chases Garcia and burrows a left hook into the midriff of his rival. Garcia with a flurry of shots, with mixed accuracy.

Haney times a counter hook well. Garcia parries a heavy right hook attempt. Another well-timed hook by Haney. Garcia can’t get off the ropes.

Boos ring around the arena after a period of inactivity. Haney overshoots with a right cross but lands a left hook. Garcia hasn’t mounted any meaningful offence for a while now.

Alex Pattle21 April 2024 05:37


Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

Again Garcia lands a short, cutting right cross. Haney with a nice right cross of his own, then a step-in jab.

More and more grappling with each round.

Haney lands a decent left hook – a long one. Garcia retaliates with a hard right hand. More clinching.

Haney appears to jab to the thigh of Garcia! He has Garcia going backwards and skipping sideways. Garcia is biting hard on Haney’s feints, too.

Alex Pattle21 April 2024 05:34


Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

Another chopping right from Garcia, and Haney fires back with an overhand right. More rights from both men, before they clinch.

They separate, and Garcia loads up on a left hook again – and misses, again. Haney with a one-two then a jab. Tidy work.

Garcia backs up the champion but eats a left hook! That has Garcia stumbling off balance!! He grimaces and bashes his gloves together…

Haney slows the pace with some jabs.

Alex Pattle21 April 2024 05:29


Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

Haney with an aggressive start to this round, jabbing to the head then hooking to the body. A right cross is just out of range for Haney, but his follow-up jab reddens Garcia’s nose…

Garcia tries to retaliate with a left hook but misses wildly. A right cross lands for Haney this time, but Garcia is unfazed and lands a short, chopping right of his own.

Haney with a big right hand now. Garcia waits and waits before finally letting his hands go with some uppercuts, but he’s warned for holding Haney’s head.

Good jabs from Haney. Another missed hook by Garcia on his left side.

Alex Pattle21 April 2024 05:26


Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

HERE WE GO! The crowd reaches a fever pitch as the first bell sounds. Both men stand orthodox. Garcia presses forward early.

OH!!!!! He hurts Haney with a left hook!! Haney is wobbling, retreating and covering up!

He weathers the storm and looks to arrest some momentum, but he’s grazed by another hook!

Garcia attacks the body with hooks now! Haney fires back with a jab, now a left hook. Another jab – this is what he needs.

Wow…. Huge first round for Garcia.

Alex Pattle21 April 2024 05:18


Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

Garcia is making his ring walk! He’s wearing a diamond crown that is believed to be worth $1m.

Backstage, moments ago, he said: “I’m willing to kill this man, if I have to – with all due respect. This is the one fight I’m really willing to die for.”

A reminder that Garcia, 25, is ineligible to win the WBC super-lightweight title tonight, having missed weight by three pounds yesterday. That failed weigh-in also cost the American $1.5m, per a bet that he made with Haney.

Speaking of Haney, here comes the champion, also 25. This is the American’s second bout at super-lightweight, after he dethroned Regis Prograis in December – having vacated the undisputed lightweight belts.

Another reminder: Haney and Garcia fought each other six times as amateurs, winning three bouts each.

As a pro, Haney is unbeaten, while Garcia has one loss to his name.

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Alex Pattle21 April 2024 05:05


Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

Read our preview of tonight’s main event, right here:

Alex Pattle21 April 2024 05:01


Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia LIVE

The main event is up next. Ring walks are just moments away.

Alex Pattle21 April 2024 04:48

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